Tuesday, January 31, 2012

WorkOut Biggest Loser Style

One of my TV guilty pleasures this year is watching, Biggest Loser every Tuesday evening. It is very inspiring to see the struggles, ups and downs, but more importantly the achievements of the contestants.

Not only do I watch the show, but my Lil Diva enjoys the show as well. So, because of this we always make sure that all our chores are done by 7:30pm. To give you an idea of how much we enjoy Biggest Loser, during the introduction episode where all the contestants are introduced, Lil Diva was surprised to see Santa Clause on the show!

No, not the real man Himself, but a very close look-a-like! During the first challenge, Lil Diva was screaming, (at the top of her lungs, mind you),"Come On Santa! You can DO it! You got to work it for the reindeer back at the North Pole!"
How is that as a motivator? If only the contestants could hear our words of motivation!

Ending this post with that same spirit, the team at allyou.com sent out a "freebie" email containing a downloadable Work Out Mix . There are six (6) tunes to play during your workout routine. How motivating is that?

To get the download, all you have to do is submit a valid email address.

Don't for my Luvlys, please come back to share your comments. Reading this post, do you feel a little motivation to continue working out?

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