Thursday, December 31, 2015

Top 10 Beauty Tutorial Articles of 2015

Happy New Year's Eve!

Tuesday we posted a list of the top three DIY articles from this year and at the end of post we said that there would be a part deux. As promised, here it is.

This list roundup of 10 beauty tutorial articles will help you step-up your skincare routine, inspire you to recreate effortless hair styles and beautiful colored nail art designs. But, it doesn't stop there.

I've included two bonus articles to the list; although not considered to be tutorials, these two articles have some pretty good beauty information that I honestly believe you'll find helpful.

So, grab a snack + your favorite drink and let's get to reading.....


Skin Care: 

How to Multi-Task Skin and Hair  -  a trend that hit home for many beauty/skincare geeks (myself included!).  Using different types of masks to treat different areas of the face doesn’t only make sense…but, it’s kind of genius. 

Beauty Guide: How to Apply Your SkinCare Products -  one of the most important steps to maintaining healthy youthful skin is by learning which order to apply your skincare products. You want to make sure you’re getting the most of them, right?  

Ingredients to Look for in Your SkinCare Products -  not exactly a beauty tutorial article, but it still remains to hold a top spot as one of the most popular articles of 2015.  And for that I say: Thank you! 

Nail Tutorials: 

Red + Gold Ombre Nail Tutorial -  beautiful nail art to wear during the holidays due to the colors, however I’m positive that you’ll find a way to recreate this tutorial using any colors you wish. 

Pretty Yet Spooky: Easy Halloween Nail Tutorial -  although Halloween has passed, this tutorial can still be worn by pairing your favorite colored polish with a black one. 

Ombre Nail Tutorial -  round up your three favorite colored nail polishes and you’ll be able to create a sleek nail art look in no time. 

Hair Tutorials: 

The Ultimate Katniss Hair + Makeup Tutorial -  yes, you’ve probably seen the movie already (I did and was slightly disappointed. Why could’t she end up with Gayle?!) But now you can easily recreate Katniss’ hair + makeup anytime you’re feeling completely fearless. 

The Perfect Fishtail Wrapped Bun Tutorial -  it may seem like there are a lot of steps, but once you get the braiding done, this hair style comes together in almost an instant. 

Back to School: The Rosette Embellished Ponytail Tutorial -  this simple hair style is not just for those of you who will be going back to school next week but really, anyone who’s into the half bun look will definitely find this tutorial useful. 

The Easiest Knotted Undo Tutorial You’ll Ever Try -  looking for a new way to wear a low bun?  This knotted up-do should do the trick. 

Quick Guide: The Rodarte Inspired Messy Braid Photo Tutorial - a simple messy braid hair style in only seven steps?  Yes, please. 


Ultimate Hair Tutorial: CW’s Jane the Virgin Female Characters -  if you’re a fan of this popular show, you’ll definitely enjoy these hair tutorials. Learn how achieve the styles worn by Jane, Petra, XO, and Rose during the show’s first season. 

I hope you find both top 10 article lists from this week to be helpful. I want to end today's article by thanking you for your support. I am extremely overwhelmed in gratitude for all the visits, reads and shares by you and everyone who takes the time to browse this blog. 

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So, until we speak again next year, I wish you + yours the warmest of wishes: May this new year bring lots of crazy happy soulful adventures, tons of laughter along with endless successful ventures.  

With love + gratitude, 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Top 3 DIY Beauty Recipe Articles from 2015

Hello Lovely!

A few weeks have passed since I last posted an article here on this blog - and for that I deeply apologize. As we all know, once the month of October ends, all hell breaks loose! With so many different activities to do in order to prepare for the Holidays, sometimes it feels as if there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish every task on our to-do list.

Regardless of how hectic our daily lives may become - Holidays or not -  it's always important to schedule in some "me time".  This solo time can be enjoyed during the weekends or mid-week, it really doesn't matter. What does matter is this: You need it and deserve it.

Now, when you start planning your special "me-time", please keep in mind that it doesn't need to cost you a fortune or take you all day to do.

So, in an honest effort to get you inspired,  I have put together a list of this blog's top 3 DIY beauty recipe articles from 2015.


Follow this simple six step DIY recipe tutorial to create beautiful flower bath bombs that will completely transform your next at home spa sesh. 

If your new year resolution involves a healthy round of detoxing, you may want to include these DIY hair treatments. Each recipe requires minimal ingredients and effort - my type of DIY’ing. 

Is your hair in need of nourishment and shine?  If so, this two ingredient DIY recipe is exactly what you need.  Plus, did I mention it involves using coconut oil + lavender?  Count us in.  

If you truly enjoy spending time creating DIY beauty recipes similar to these,  then I have exciting news for you.  Currently, we are working on a new e-Book that will contain close to 500 DIY beauty recipes for creating everything from bar soaps, bath salts, shampoo, hair treatments and more. 

This new DIY beauty recipe eBook is scheduled to arrive January 2016.  

To be among the first to purchase the eBook as soon as it is released, just add your name + email address to the list below. 

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Stay tuned for Thursday’s blog post, where we will be sharing the top ten beauty tutorial articles from 2015.