Friday, July 27, 2012

Entre Tu y Yo - Beauty G!veaway Event

Earlier this week I shared information with you about Johnson & Johnson new campaign dedicated to helping women called Entre Tu y Yo.

In the post I mentioned that I would have a giveaway on the blog, giving one of our wonderful readers a chance at winning a package filled with beauty skin care products similar to the box I have received - well, that day is TODAY! 

Here is the picture of the beauty skin care box I received so you have a better idea of what products are being given:

Now for a detailed breakdown of all these amazing products:

Product and Price Point

Listerine Antiseptic $5.99
Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion $6.99
Band-Aid $4.79
Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer $16.99
Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion $5.99
Aveeno Baby Wash $7.99
Aveeno Daily Moisturizer $7.99
Aveeno Nourish + Shampoo $6.99
Aveeno Nourish + Conditioner $6.99

So that would be a total of nine (9) FULL sized products sent to the lucky winner - However there will be a few extra items added to make the total price point value of the package at $100!

All of this fabulous-ness delivered right to your doorstep!

Now its your turn: Simply complete the entries below and GOOD LUCK!

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Contest Rules: 
  • Contest ends at midnight on 8/8/12 
  • All entries need to be completed.
  • Winner will be picked at random.
  • Participants need to be over the age of 18 and US residents. 
  • In compliance with FTC guidelines, please be aware that this Beauty Giveaway Event was made possible by the Latina & Latino Lifestyle Bloggers Collective  and sponsored by Johnson & Johnson. 

8/10/2012 - UPDATE: We have a GRAND PRIZE WINNER! 

Stephanie H. entry #9 has won a package filled with Johnson & Johnson skin care products! Congrats! 

Thank you to all our participants for entering and being part of this giveaway! Please stay tuned as this is the first giveaway in this Johnson & Johnson  sponsored campaign! We will have three more events coming soon!

    Tuesday, July 24, 2012

    Johnson & Johnson - Entre Tu Y Yo

    If you have not heard of or seen what the Entre Tu y Yo program is - I would like to introduce this amazing program to you here on my blog.
    Entre Tú y Yo, is a program hosted by lifestyle expert Andrea Minski, that provides relevant tips and resources to help today’s Latina manage her modern, busy schedule while finding balance at home with family and herself. Powered by Johnson and Johnson Family of Consumer Companies and Telemundo, Entre Tú y Yo helps foster real conversations among Latinas on everything from beauty to oral health, nutrition, relationships and entertainment.
    To join the conversation with Andrea visit Entre Tú y Yo’s Facebook page 

    Due to this program and by being an active member of the Latino and Latina Lifestyle Blogger Collective, I am able to share with you a wonderful opportunity that I am proud to be apart of.

    Earlier today I posted a photo on twitter asking everyone if they wished to win a basket filled with beauty products. As you can imagine there was a little buzz generated due to the photo. I can't say that I can blame anyone - I mean, did you see all the fabulous beauty care products that were in the photo?

    If you did not get a chance to view the photo, here it is.

    When I first received this package, I was beyond myself! Honestly, I was completely elated. I have been using Johnson & Johnson products for as long as I can remember.

    Aveeno®  has been one of the only moisturizers I have used on my skin, especially on my face. Knowing that Aveeno® moisturizers are fragrance free and noncomedogenic (will not clog pores) is more than enough of a reason for me to continue using them throughout the years.

    Two of  the Aveeno® products enclosed in the package that I had not used before where the Aveeno® Nourish + Moisturize Shampoo and the Aveeno® Nourish + Strengthen Conditioner.

    I decided to use both on my daughter's hair which is super curly, super thick, and super coarse. I have to say that immediately after I washed and conditioned her hair, I noticed the difference. Her hair was left manageable and soft - which is something that most other products I have used in the past, have promised to do, but have failed to deliver such results.

    The other products included as seen in this closeup:

    • Aveeno Baby® Wash & Shampoo
    • Aveeno Baby® Daily Moisture Lotion 
    • Band-Aid® Sheer Strips 
    • Listerine® Cool Mint 
    • Lubriderm® Daily Moisture Skin
    The Aveeno Baby® Wash & Shampoo come in handy as my daughter loves to use these on her skin. But we are not the only ones here who only use Aveeno skin care products, my dear husband cannot live without his lotions either which just by coincidence happens to be Lubriderm® lotion!

    To date the only product that has not been used (as of yet) is the box of  Band-Aids. I say "as of yet" because my daughter is very active and loves to tumble around the back yard which always results in scratched up elbows and knees!

    I am super excited to mention that this is only the beginning of this program - please stay tuned as later this week I will be announcing how you can have a chance of winning a package filled with these same products delivered right to your doorstep! 

    Disclaimer: In compliance with FTC guidelines, please be aware that I received these products mentioned above in exchange for my honest review which has been made possible by the Latina & Latino Lifestyle Bloggers Collective  and sponsored by Johnson & Johnson.  

    Monday, July 23, 2012

    AHA Brazilian Peel : Antidote for Aging

    Last month I was given the opportunity to receive and review a skin care product that helps "revive" and re-freshen facial skin. The name of the product is: AHA Brazilian Peel - AHA stands for: Advanced Home Actives.

    As the name states, this product is a professional strength peel for at home use. This product has been showcased on Dr.Oz and The Doctors for it ease of use and results. The Brazilian Peel contains glycolic acid and acai. The acai is a natural super anti-oxidant from the Amazon rain forest in Brazil.

    Inside the box are four applications - which are to be used once a week during a one month period. Here is what one single application looks like:

    The applications are in a faux syringe device.  All you do is open the syringe at the top, squeeze both liquids into the palm of your hands, mix the two until they are completely combined (you should feel a slight warming sensation in your hand) then apply mixture to the face as evenly as possible. The peel is to be left on the skin for a total of 10 min. After the time has elapsed, the peel is then rinsed off with cool water.

    Here are my findings:

    Once the cream has been mixed it is very easy to apply. The peel is transparent, it has no color, and dries rather quickly. According to the box, it states "skin will feel as it is tightening as the product works.."  This is true.  After a few minutes, I could feel a slight tightness to my skin - but it was not an uncomfortable feeling. 

    The peel does wash off rather easily, which is nice. In the past I have used peels and masks that are quite difficult to rinse off but the Brazilian Peel dissolves very easily. Once I had removed the peel from my skin, I immediately applied facial moisturizer. My suggestion with this is, if you do this peel in the morning make sure to apply a moisturizer that has UVA/UVB SPF protection. On the other hand, if you do this treatment at night, as I did, then use your regular night cream.

    In my opinion, the AHA Brazilian Peel does exactly what it claims on the packaging. It does firm the skin, reducing fine lines, and more importantly, it does not cause redness or irritation - which is important for me as I have very sensitive skin and am prone to breakouts.

    The only "con" about the Brazilian Peel I found is that each package only has 4 (four) applications. I wish the packaging included more - at least three months worth! But, that's just my opinion - I am greedy like that when it comes to products that actually work!

    Please stay tuned for more  information on this product as there will be an additional two (2)  posts coming in the next few weeks.

    For more detailed information about AHA Brazilian Peel please visit their website and their blog - You can easily find more information to any other questions you may have after reading this review.

    Disclosure: I received the above products through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I asked to give a positive review.

    Sunday, July 22, 2012

    Avoiding Those Common Under Arm Blunders - Part 2

    This post is sponsored by Dove® ClearTone™ Deodorant - designed to visibly reduce underarm dark marks and even skin tone.

    As promised, here is Part Two of the Avoiding Those Common Under Arm Blunders mini series. In our first post we took a closer look at a few tips to help treat red blemishes that can sometimes appear on our under arm skin. Today we are going to give a few tips on how to treat our under arm skin from getting unsightly dark marks.

    So let's get right to it, shall we?

    To get rid and prevent dark marks to under arm skin, give these tips a try:

    1. Start waxing the under arm area instead of shaving. Why? Waxing is the best choice because it will remove the hair from the root, leaving no dark marks (this is especially recommended for those of us who have dark colored and or coarse hair).  Shaving does not do this. When shaving, the hair is removed however the root stays beneath the skin - which is what causes the skin to have a darker appearance.

    2. Treat the area with baking soda. This can be done two ways: Baking soda can be applied directly to freshly washed skin or by making a paste to use when exfoliating the skin. When making a paste simply take a few teaspoons of baking soda add in a few drops of lemon juice. Apply this mixture to under arm skin allowing it to sit on skin for a few minutes, then wash off completely.

    3. Treat the skin with a natural bleaching mixture. This is done by mixing a few teaspoons of plain yogurt with a few drops of lime juice. Similar to using baking soda, this mixture is applied to skin leaving it on for at least 20 min. It is recommended to do this treatment before bathing.

    4. When washing under arms always use a gentle loofah - this removes dead skin cells.

    5. Avoid applying perfume or any type of fragrance to under arm skin. Doing this will cause the skin to darken over time.

    6. Use talcum powder on those days where the temperature is extremely hot.

    7. Try to wear clothing made of natural fabrics only. These would be cotton, hemp, bamboo even soy fabrics. Wearing natural fabrics allows the clothing to "breathe" which will help avoid chaffing and irritation to the under arms. Wearing other fabrics, such as polyester or poly-cotton, will do exactly the opposite: trap in the heat causing you to sweat more than normal which will cause the fabric to irritate the skin.

    Side Note: IMPORTANT: When using any natural home remedy for preventive care, please be patient! Results can vary, and can take time to appear. But, more importantly - don't give up!

    And there you have it! Simple treatments that can be done in the comfort of your home. Now,  there should be NO reason why you shouldn't be able to wear those sexy sleeveless tops during the summer months!

    Now it's your turn: How do you take care of your under arm skin? Do you have any suggestions about waxing? 

    Please share your ideas and comments with us - we love interacting and hearing from our readers!

    I was compensated for this post by the Clever Girls All the opinions expressed here are my own.

    Saturday, July 21, 2012

    Summer #BeautyVoxBox 2012

    Last week I received a small box from Influenster containing a few choice sample products for the Summer #BeautyVoxBox 2012 Campaign. As you can imagine, I was (and still am) very excited to try out all these beauty products and share with you my reviews. But, for now I wanted to show you everything that was inside the package to give you an idea of what product reviews to expect.






    Now it's your turn:  Have you used or seen any of these beauty products before today? If so, which beauty products are your favorites? Please share with us your thoughts and ideas - we love interacting with our beauty readers!

    Friday, July 20, 2012

    Avoiding Those Common Under Arm Blunders...Part One

    This post is sponsored by Dove® ClearTone™ Deodorant - designed to visibly reduce underarm dark marks and even skin tone.

    This summer we have seen the humidity and heat rise to new levels. Here in Gahanna, Oh we had days that the temperature rose above the 100 mark! Now, I am not complaining - trust me I love some hot weather BUT what I don't appreciate is having to wear clothing with any type of sleeves. I can't do it! I just can't!

    I know that for some of us (myself included) wearing sleeveless tops is to be avoided at all cost, however, there are ways we can get over this. Yes, you read correctly: There are ways we can definitely keep those unsightly dark marks and red blemishes from appearing on our under arm skin.

    To get rid of any red blemishes or bumps under the skin try these tips:

    1. Exfoliate under arm skin on a regular basis. Keep in mind this does not have to be done everyday but at least a few times a week should suffice. Exfoliating our under arm skin is recommended because this will remove all the dead skin cells from this area. I have found that the best way to exfoliate is by using a small shower sponge and gently buffing the underarm area right before shaving.

    2. If you prefer to remove under arm hair with a razor, make sure to use a generous amount of shaving cream, shower gel or soap. Personally, I tend to use a oatmeal and almond soap for my skin and this has helped a lot! Whichever you decide to use, rule of thumb is to provide under arm skin with a think layer of product creating a "cushion" that will protect skin from razor blades.

    3. Always try to use NEW razors when possible. Since the blades are sharper, they will glide across the skin much easier reducing any possibility for irritation, as well as avoiding  having to run the razor over skin more than once.

    4. IMPORTANT: Always glide the razor blades in the SAME direction of the hair growth. I know, most people would say the opposite but please trust me on this one! If you do glide razor in the opposite direction, you will be causing ingrown hairs to appear - this is exactly what you need to avoid doing!

    Now for the last step, if you DO have any red bumps do the following step BEFORE applying Dove Clear Tone Deodorant.

    5. After shaving under arms, dry skin completely then apply a thin layer of hydrocortisone cream. This will help calm any irritation and itching that you may have. Once this dries, apply a layer of Dove Clear Tone Deodorant.

    For those of you who DO NOT have any blemishes under your arms, after completing step #4, apply a layer of Dove Clear Tone Deodorant and allow this to dry before putting your top on.

    Now it's your turn: How do you typically keep your under arm area blemish free? Have you seen the new Dove Clear Tone Deodorant? Which one do you use?

    Please share your thoughts with us as we will be continuing this conversation in a second post where we will be giving tips on how to treat and avoid getting dark marks on our under arm skin.

    I was compensated for this post by the Clever Girls All the opinions expressed here are my own.

    Wednesday, July 18, 2012

    Wordless Wednesday - High Street Fashion

    Oasap High Street Fashion -

    One Exposed Shoulder Loose Fit T-Shirt - purple / size Small

    New Chic Mirrored Cropped Legging - black - one size fits all

    Pampering Your Feet with Nature's Sleep

    When was the last time you went to a spa to get a pedicure? If I were to answer this question, my response would be a few weeks ago. Yes, I am one of those people who love to get pampered - especially my feet.

    I feel as though getting a pedicure is essential part of my personal beauty skin care routine. Although my offices are located in the comfort of my home, I do tend to spend a lot of time standing while preparing orders for my clients. Most days tend to move forward without a hitch, but then there are those few days in between when the only thing my body craves is to sit down and put my feet up.

    When this happens I just grab the phone and call the spa to book an appointment. However, as of lately my time has been so limited that I have decided to pamper my feet at home.

    So how do I take care of my feet? Here is what I like to do:

    Sitting on the edge of the bathtub, I scatter a few teaspoons of bath salt , then fill the tub with just enough hot water to cover my entire foot. Then I just let my feet soak in the water. I like to take some reading material with me so as of lately I have been taking my IPAD with me so I can read the articles in my fashion magazines.

    After about 10-15 min. I rub my feet in the water, wash them with shower gel using a plain exfoliating hand glove, pat them dry - then scrub my feet for a second time using my homemade honey almond foot scrub. The honey almond scrub is very effective in getting the dead skin off my heels while leaving my feet soft as silk!

    But, the BEST part of my foot treatment: slipping my feet into my Nature's Sleep opened toe slippers! I have to admit that once my feet touch the slippers it is heavenly! These slippers are so soft, when walking in them it feels as if you are walking on pillows.

    I really do enjoy wearing my Nature's Sleep slippers. These slippers conform to the shape of my feet making them so very comfortable to walk around in. Did I mention that these slippers are easy to maintain clean? The slippers can either be washed in the machine or just spot cleaned, but for the most part I just put them in the washer. The one I can't tolerate are dirty nasty looking slippers!

    So, as you can see, going to the spa to get pampered is not always needed. All you really need is a good foot scrub and a pair of Nature's Sleep slippers for your feet - trust me, once you slip into a pair of these slippers your feet will immediately feel the difference.

    Good news is, the wonderful people at Nature's Sleep are allowing me the chance to giveaway a pair of their opened-toe memory foam slippers to one of YOU! Just complete a few easy entries in this rafflecopter for your chance to win your very own pair of Nature's Sleep slippers.

    The giveaway begins today, July 18 and will end on August 1 - this is opened to US only. Good Luck to everyone who enters!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Saturday, July 14, 2012

    Beauty is an Expression of Health - with NeoCell

    Beauty is an expression of health... What does this statement mean to you?  If you were required to give your personal view point on beauty, what would it be?

    When most people think of "beauty" their mind automatically thinks of a persons physical appearance. As such, what most of us tend to do is apply night creams, facial serums, all types of facial masks, and any other variety of topical products we can get our hands on.  This does help, I am not here to tell you that it doesn't, because trust me when I say,  I have a good share of topical creams in my beauty cabinet that I use on a daily basis (mornings and at night). 

    But thinking about this a little more in depth, wouldn't it be easier if we could find a way to take care of our inner layers of skin first?  I mean, think about it. Applying creams and serums only takes care of the outer layers of  our skin. The ingredients in the creams can only do so much, so what about the inner layers of our skin?  How could we take care of our skin from the inside out?

    The easiest answer would come to my mind : vitamins or some type of supplement that could provide our bodies with an added dose of healthy nutrients that our skin needs.

    That's where NeoCell comes into the picture.

    A little while ago, I was approached by a representative from NeoCell inquiring if I would like to try and review two of their dietary supplement products that are part of a beauty regimen system that helps in achieving a healthier, youthful and stronger skin from the inside out. 

    Here are the two products I received from NeoCell:

    Starting with the Super Collagen (Type 1&3) - collagen is known to help minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in the skin.  Some people rather get collagen injected into their skin directly, however I would rather drink it. The Super Collagen is in a powder. The powder odorless, and has no added flavors to it.  The powder is easy to take - all I do is measure my daily dosage with the little spoon that comes inside the jar, placing the powder into a small bowl. Then all I do is add a few tablespoons of juice to the powder and mix it. Once powder has dissolved in the juice, I then add it to about 6oz of juice and drink it. According to the directions on the jar, to obtain the best results it's better to drink this on an empty stomach, 30 min before eating any food. So, what I do is take this first thing in morning.

    Next, is the Hyaluronic Acid blueberry liquid - Don't be afraid of the word acid - its not what you're thinking! We all have heard about the many benefits of consuming fruits and green tea and that is exactly what this liquid is: "a natural dietary supplement enhanced with antioxidant powder from pomegranate, green tea and blueberry..." The suggested daily dosage is one tablespoon.  I usually take this right after drinking my collagen juice. This blueberry liquid is very tasty. If it were left to me, I would drink an entire bottle everyday instead of just a tablespoon!

    I have been taking both of these products for a few weeks and can see the small differences. My skin feels more supple and doesn't seem dry or ashy. I can also see a difference in my hair. My hair has thinned out over the years due to excessive coloring, but now it looks healthier. The first thing I also noticed was that when combing my hair there were less strands on the comb. I was very pleased when I noticed that!  I have to admit that I am both excited and anxious to see the entire results of taking these two products will have on my skin and hair. 

    However, both NeoCell and I would like to give our readers a chance to experience the benefits of their Super Collagen Type 1 & 2 and the Hyaluronic Acid blueberry liquid by offering a giveaway where one of our readers will receive a package containing the same two products that were sent to me for this review.

    All you have to do is complete the entries listed below - this giveaway begins today, July 14 and ends on July 28th. Good Luck to all my wonderful readers and friends who enter!

    For more information on NeoCell and their line of products, please visit their website

    Disclosure: Both post and giveaway are being sponsored by NeoCell. I received two complimentary products from NeoCell to review and consider for this event. All opinions stated here and photos attached are 100% my own.

    Monday, July 9, 2012

    90-Day Creative BioScience Beauty Challenge - Day 1

    Happy Monday Beauties & Fashion-istas! I hope everyone has enjoyed the weekend along with the hot summer weather... 

    As promised, I wanted to share a quick post with you in regards to a previous post where I told you about a 90-day beauty challenge that I am going to be participating in sponsored by Creative Bioscience.

    You can read the entire introduction post here

    I finally received my package of the African Mango Lean dietary supplements. There were two bottles in the package each containing 60 capsules. The capsules are quite large, however, I did manage to take one capsule this morning with an eight ounce glass of iced tea with no problems.

    According to the bottle, the correct daily dosage is two capsules, but since this is my first day, I thought I would just take one to see how my body reacts to it. Most likely, I will continue to only take one daily for my first few days then if there are no issues (which I highly doubt that there will be) I will move on to taking two capsules in the morning as directed.

    Enclosed with the bottles, was a small brochure detailing the "diet instructions". This regimen is quite simple to follow. You can choose from two plans: 800 Calorie Plan or 1200 Calorie Plan. (as seen below)

    I have chosen the 1200 calorie diet. I believe this would be the best option for me at this point. I don't do well on less than 1000 calories; not to mention my family would not be able to handle me if I am under fed!

    Now, my favorite part of this 90-day beauty challenge: Allowed Foods (as seen below)

    The foods that are allowed are nothing out of the ordinary:
    • For protein, instead of the entire egg, only whites are allowed.
    • Appears to be that most fruits and veggies are okay;
    • Grains allowed are oat-bran and melba toast;
    • Lean dairy speaks for itself which is just fine because we only drink skim milk; 
    • Spices and seasonings have no limits; as for sweeteners it is recommended to use either Stevia or Sweet'N'Low.
    • Beverages - water and black coffee are allowed which means I don't have to give up my caffeine! Huge bonus!

    Over all as you can see, this beauty challenge does not appear to be that complicated. I am hopeful that with a little determination and meal planning, the end results should be what I am expecting. But, like the saying goes: "Only time will tell."

    Now it's your turn: After reading this information, what are your thoughts? Would you be able to comply with this dietary regimen? Is there anything that you would change?

    Please share your thoughts in the comments. I am excited to continue this convo with all of you! As mentioned, today is my first day on this program, so please stay tuned as I will be providing updates as I continue forward with this challenge.

    Monday, July 2, 2012

    The Spirit of Fashion is Everywhere...

    The spirit of fashion is everywhere in lifestyle photos

    For those who were not  aware, during the entire month of June 2012, the Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Collective  ran a month long instagram photo challenge. To see all the details of this challenge, please read more here.

    It was during this instagram photo challenge event, both members and non-members were encouraged to snap photos representing different subjects that are commonly considered to be part of the daily lives of lifestyle bloggers: food, pets, technology, beauty, fashion, accessories and inspiration. 

    Just like most things in life, the instagram challenge has come to an end. It was during this challenge, we were all able to learn one simple lesson:  The spirit of fashion is matter where we happen to be!

    Now, it's time to announce the winners with the MOST likes for each topic. Drum-roll please!

    #Foodiellblog (63 photos) - @latinaprpro, @ninaonthemoon, @drmichele
    #toysllblog (37 photos) - @ari_c and @curvesahead
    #petllblog (36 photos) - @latinapro, @aliciagentile
    #fashionllblog (37 photos) - @ninaonthemoon and @curvesahead
    #beautyllblog (29 photos) - @ari_c and @rxqnaesthetics
    #accllblog (28 photos) - @drmichele
    #inspirellblog (42 photos) - @lafashionchica

    A very special shout-out to everyone who participated in this challenge! I have to say that over all, we had a good turn out! Thank you again to everyone who took the time to submit their instagram photos!

    *All winners will be contacted and requested to provide a shipping address in order to receive a prize for obtaining the most likes on their individual photos submissions.