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Five Advantages of having T-Mobile Simply Prepaid™ Plan

Five Advantages of having T-Mobile Simply Prepaid™ Plan

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Advantages of having the T-Mobile Simply Prepaid™ Plan - The Daily Fashion and Beauty News

As a business owner I'm always trying to look for ways to not only save money, but get the most for my bank - especially when it comes to added necessities like cell phone service.

Case in point a few months ago my husband and I decided to switch our business account to T-Mobile. I have to say so far so good. We are extremely happy with their service. The only problem was, our 12 yr old daughter was completely left out. There she was with a booming school/social life, yet no cell phone of her own.

After thinking about adding a third line to the business account - which already includes two new cell phones + the monthly service fees - we did our research and opted for the Simply Prepaid™ Plan offered by T-Mobile. There were several reasons why we made the decision for a prepaid plan but the biggest motivator for choosing to go with the Simply Prepaid™ Plan was this one: For just $40 dollars a month you get 4G LTE data with unlimited talk and text. 

Knowing how active she is on social media, the numerous videos she watches and all the extensive conversations via text she has with her friends this was the obvious choice for her. 

daughter with Samsung Galaxy Avant prepaid phone

daughter talking on Samsung Galaxy Avant prepaid phone

Other than the unlimited talk and text options, here are a few more advantages of having the Simply Prepaid™ Plan.


Your getting unlimited talk, text and data with your choice of a high-speed data amount all on T-Mobile's Nationwide 4G LTE Network. There are no coverages, credit checks or annual service contracts under the prepaid plan. Additionally, their cell phone selection is up to par unlike most providers. Here's a close up of the Samsung Galaxy Avant we purchased. 

Samsung Galaxy Avant prepaid cell phone by T-Mobile

Samsung Galaxy Avant prepaid cell phone by T-Mobile


For most of us who have a traditional cell phone plan, we know all too well about the required deposit fee that gets paid BEFORE getting the actual phone and service. Depending on your situation, that deposit fee can cost you anywhere from $150-$400 easily - if that seems like a fair price and you have no problem shelling out that type of cash, more power to you. However, if you choose a prepaid service you avoid having to pay a deposit all-together.


When choosing a prepaid plan, the only significant cost you have will be the purchase of the cell phone itself. To give you an idea, we chose the Samsung Galaxy Avant for our daughter which cost $149.99 - that's it. Her cell phone is paid for. Now the only cost she will incur is the cost of the plan itself. I did tell you that for just $40 dollars a month you get 4G LTE data with unlimited talk and text, right?


If you are in a similar situation as our family with a "tween" or even teenagers, then you will want to get the Simply Prepaid™ Plan. Paying for their monthly service in advance, gives you control over their usage preventing you from having to pay a ridiculous amount of money every month. In essence all you have to do is buy one month of the Simply Prepaid™ Plan and let them have at it. Easy - stress free. 

daughter texting on Samsung Galaxy Avant prepaid cell phone


By this I am referring to the ease in getting your hands on the cell and service plan. In our case, I drove to the nearest Walmart walked to the back of the store next to the Photo Department to find the T-Mobile Simply Prepaid™ display.

T-Mobile Simply Prepaid display at walmart

 Walmart display of T-Mobile Simply Prepaid cell phones

Everything I need was there, except for the cell phone - this is not on the display. There will be a card with the photo of the cell phone it. Once you choose the cell phone you prefer, take the card to the register and they will retrieve the cell phone for you. The only step is to choose a monthly plan then pay for it. No fuss - No filling out applications and no extensive phone calls. Just pay for two items and you are well on your way to experiencing excellent prepaid service. 

Now its Your turn:  What do you think?  Are you considering trying out the T-Mobile Simply Prepaid™ Plan?

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

6 Drugstore Makeup Products Good Enough for the Red Carpet

6 Drugstore Makeup Products Good Enough for the Red Carpet

Oscars '15 : Drugstore Makeup

Whoever said that celebrities only wear higher end makeup products lied.  Word on the street, or should I say red carpet, is that quite a few of our favorite celebrities created their stunning makeup looks with...drumroll please...: drugstore makeup products.

So which celebrities were wearing drugstore makeup products? And more importantly, which makeup products did they wear?


Zoe's lusciously long lashes were achieved by wearing a few coats of L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Black. (Target, $5.89)


Rita was wearing a navy blue cat-eye courtesy of Rimmel London's ScandalEyes Shadow Stick in Naughty Navy layered on-top of a black eyeliner. (Walgreens, $4.29)


This dark shade of berry looked absolutely stunning on Chrissy. What was applied on her lips?  Maybelline New York's Color Sensational Creamy Mattes lipstick in Divine Wine. (Walmart, $5.50)


Another berry hued lip courtesy of L'Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Color in Violet Parfait.(Ulta, $12.99)


Uh, did you see how gorgeous she looked? I died when I saw her walk down the red carpet. Kerry's shimmering eye look was created using Neutrogena's Long Wear Nourishing Eyeshadow Palette in Cocoa Mauve 40.(Amazon, $8.90)


We all know her as being Revlon's brand ambassador, but it's still nice to see her actually wearing their makeup. On Emma's lips is Revlon's Ultra HD Lipstick in Tulip. (Walmart, $7.97)

Now let's talk: Which of these six drugstore makeup products have you used? Are there any other drugstore makeup products you believe to be good enough for the red carpet? Tell me all about it ....

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Ultimate Hair Tutorial: CW's Jane the Virgin Female Characters

Ultimate Hair Tutorial: CW's Jane the Virgin Female Characters

Ultimate Hair Tutorial: CW's Jane the Virgin Female Characters - The Daily Fashion and Beauty News

Today's article is dedicated to everyone who is a fan of  CW's Jane the Virgin.  If you don't know what this series is about, or if you have not had the time to watch it yet, you can get caught up on everything by visiting the CW website

A few months ago, in honor of the show's fall season finale (back in December 2014) on set stylists Michelle Rene Elam, Department Head Hair, and Tena Parker Baker, Key Hair, shared their backstage secrets for achieving the cast's signature hairstyles. 

Here's how to recreate the hairstyles of  the show's female characters: Jane, Petra, XO  and Rose. 

Gina Rodriguez / Jane by Michelle Rene Elam

Gina Rodriguez- Jane by Michelle Rene Elam
Gina’s character Jane is very natural, busy, no fuss and full of life. So we keep her style true to that essence; alive and fun. She works a lot so her hair undergoes a bit of stress. 

To keep it healthy and top shape I use heat protectants, mostly White Sands Liquid Texture Firm Thermal Styling Spray and then Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Neuro Unclipped 1.25" Styling Cone to set her whimsical locks. She has a copious amount of hair, so I often flat iron the roots with my T3 Singlepass styling iron to keep it snug to her head. 

Maintaining her hair through the day requires different options depending on the humid or dry weather, how long the day of work is, and how many hair changes we have. I keep Moroccanoil treatment oil and White Sands Orchids Oil close by to tame any wildness and give that extra sheen. 

Some days Oribe Supershine Light Moisturizing Crème is needed when her hair is extra tired. I seal her with Aerogel Styling Spray or Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium. When she wears a ponytail, I use a wooden dye brush with holding spray to tame down any strong little guys popping out. Her hair is very particular of shampoos so whether traveling or home she carries it with her, Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo & Seaweed Bath Co. Balancing Argan Shampoo.

Yael Groblas / Petra by Michelle Rene Elam 


Yael Groblas - Petra by Michelle Rene ElamYael’s character is very kept, represents money and all that it can buy, even though this is not always the whole truth (stay tuned for some upcoming flashbacks). 

Her hair is tender but very healthy; she is a pro at keeping on top of all that her hair needs to maintain health, making my job smoother. I use Living Proof Restore Target Repair Cream on her ends, then mist her hair all over with White Sands Liquid Texture Firm Thermal Styling Spray to protect and smooth during the blow dry while using a T3 anti-gravity 2.5" Barrel Ceramic Brush to create smooth volume. Her style is a specific mix of noir 1920’s & 21st Century mod glam. 

To create this style and help last all day, I set her using a 3/4 - 1” marcel iron angling it at 2:00/7:00 all the way around. A big bone comb and Mason Pearson brush keeps the flowing shape. 

On humid outdoor scenes I keep Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray handy and in heavy fog I even toss on a rain cap! Her flashbacks are fun as she gets to sport more natural shapes; longer and playful. We add real hair extensions or a halo design extension piece to help create these looks.

Andrea Navedo / Xo by Tena Parker Baker

Andrea Navedo - Xo by Tena Parker Baker

Andrea's character is young at heart and just wants to have fun. Her hair likes to hug her beautiful face, however we want to see her jazzy eyes so there's a few tricks to achieve this. 

I use White Sands Liquid Texture Firm Thermal Styling Spray on wet hair. Using the T3 Tourmaline Hair Dryer, I aim the air around the hairline with a natural boar bristle brush and sweeping it away from her face. Then I continue smoothing her natural waves with the Anti-gravity 3" Barrel Ceramic Tourmaline Brush to keep her hair damage free and a glossy finish. 

Andrea’s swift flowing curls sweep away from her face using T3 body Single Pass Twirl 1.25" Iron, then Oribe Texture Spray to lift her roots. Her style is maintained throughout long days with White Sands Orchids Oil and Aerogel Styling Spray, keeping shine, shape, and soft hold along with a Mason Pearson brush forming the soft waves.

Bridget Regan / Rose by Tena Parker Baker

Bridget Regan - Rose by Tena Parker Baker

Bridget's character is the ultimate trophy wife, or so it seems; she's hiding behind many fascinating stories. 

Her natural red curly locks wow even us whom have seen it all. I spray each strand coating well with White Sands Liquid Texture Firm Thermal Styling Spray.

During the round brush blow dry, I use T3 Body Waver to work volume into her heavy luxurious hair. Set is designed with 1.75" Professional Iron then I polish it off with White Sands Orchids Oil for shine and humidity protection. 

Bridget's style has to be brushed frequently so using Aerogel Styling Spray holds it perfectly yet allows free flowing looks from many strokes of the brush.

Photo Credits: The CW  

Follow the hairstylists: 

Michelle Rene Elam: Department Head Hair - Twitter @Zesteforlife & Instagram zesteforlife

Tena Parker Baker: Key Hair - Twitter @IAMHAIRBYTENA & Instagram tornadotena

Now it's Your turn:  Which female character from CW's Jane the Virgin has your favorite hairstyle?  

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Top Beauty and Fashion Monthly Favorites - January 2015 Edition

Top Beauty and Fashion Monthly Favorites - January 2015 Edition

Top Beauty and Fashion Monthly Favorites - The Daily Fashion and Beauty

While we continue to work our way through the second month of 2015, there are a few makeup products and fashion accessories that we are completely obsessed with.  Having the opportunity to get our hands on all types of goodies, these six items made our list of top beauty and fashion monthly favorites for January.

Editors Top Beauty & Fashion Favorites - January 2015 by latinflavadesigns 


Urban Decay B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray

Of all the Urban Decay setting sprays this one is ah-mazing. Other than using it as an all over face prep spray before applying primer and foundation, I recently started using it with my under eye concealer. Spraying a few spritz of this onto my concealer brush once I've picked up enough concealer then applying it to the under-eyes has made a huge difference. The concealer does not crease, budge or fade. 


Anthony Instant Fix Oil Control

You may not have noticed this face primer before but it's a really good one - especially for those of you with oily skin. I was introduced to this primer one day at my local Sephora while on the hunt for a heavy duty primer to help keep my skin matte. Although this brand in particular caters to men, their Instant Fix Oil Control works wonders - it feels like a moisturizer, smells like citrus peels and more importantly, it gets the job done.


Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes™ 4-in-1 Mascara

What can I say?  This mascara is wonderful. It does not smudge or flake once applied.  After applying this mascara to my bottom lashes and noticing that it didn't travel all over my cheeks, I was sold! 


Beautyblender - two original beautyblenders® & liquid blendercleanser®  

The first beauty blender I ever held in my hand was when I received it a few years ago in a Birchbox.  At first, I wasn't completely sold on this sponge. However, when all your makeup brushes are dirty and you have no other tool to use for your foundation application, the beauty blender comes in rather handy.  After giving it a solid week of trying, I now see the benefit of using it. I honestly think it is a great makeup tool to have on hand. 


Brick Red Fashion Watch 

If you were thinking there wouldn't be an easy way to wear Pantone's Color of the Year - you will be happy to know that we got yo' back.  This brand new  Brick Red Fashion Watch is an absolute stunner: the face is dark red with clear crystal accents, and three decorative dials.


White As Snow Bubble Necklace 

Statement necklaces like our White as Snow Bubble Necklace are here to stay. This piece is easy to style and although it does have some weight to it, the beauty of the round and oval bubbles make up for it. The necklace comes with a matching set of french drop earrings. 

This pretty much sums up our first beauty and fashion monthly favorite post for 2015. Not bad, huh?  Now it's your turn:  What products made your favorites this past month?  Do tell!

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Introducing: LFD's New Spring 2015 Fashion Collection and Relaunch


lfd spring 2015 fashion collection

Can you believe that we are already four days into February?

Every time I glance up at the calendar that’s conveniently located on the wall in front of my desk, I am amazed at how quickly the last few weeks have gone by. In no way am I complaining … it just hard to wrap my head around all the new changes that are happening here at the LFD offices. (Just in case you are not familiar, “LFD” is the short version for our boutique’s name, LatinFlava Designs.)

Today I wanted to share with you a few exciting things that are taking place online, but before getting to far ahead, if you are a regular reader of this blog, allow me to thank you for your support. It is because of you that I am able to even sit here to write this article let alone own a boutique. Now, if you are a new visitor, let me just say “welcome – please make yourself at home.”

Okay, now onto the interesting stuff ;)


LFD’s main goal is to always serve your fashion needs as best as we can. With that goal in mind, LFD will be releasing new collections featuring different clothing styles giving you more shopping options to choose from.

Spring 2015: {NEW} Although it’s still snowing and cold outside, Spring will eventually arrive. When it does, LFD wants you to be fashionably prepared. In this collection you will find boho inspired maxi dresses in lightweight flowy fabric, stylish one piece jumpsuits, and flattering tunics.

New Arrivals: This collection will feature most of the newest inventory pieces available for immediate purchase or pre-order.

LFD Best Sellers: The smallest of all the collections, here you will find the top selling clothing handpicked by our local clientele here in Columbus.

Winter Line Up: A collection of cozy soft knits and pants perfect for wearing during these last few weeks of winter (fingers crossed!)

Curvy Diva: {NEW} LFD is pleased to announce that there will be an entire collection featuring plus size clothing in flattering styles and colorful fabrics. To make your shopping experience easier, the Curvy Diva will have plus size tops, bottoms, and dresses listed under this one collection.

Basics: {NEW} For those divas who like to wear causal clothing often than not, this is the collection for you. LFD Basics category will feature trendy graphic tees, comfortable jogger pants, and leggings.

Statement Jewelry: Fashion accessories are “icing” on any outfit you style. To help you with that finishing touch, LFD’s Statement Jewelry Collection will have a variety of necklaces, bracelets and bangles, boyfriend watches, and earrings. Most of the jewelry pieces listed in this collection are marked down 30% from their retail price.

Lastly, along with all the new upcoming inventory, LFD will continue to offer FREE Shipping on all orders shipping within the US – no specific order amount required and no discount codes needed. International shipping will also be available – more details will be posted on the website.

Hopefully at this point, you are wondering when you’ll be able to actually see everything.  

LFD is excited to say that the online boutique ( will go LIVE this Saturday, February 7th at 9am EST.

As always (and forever) we look forward to continuing our awesome relationships with you – our blog readers and customers, our sponsors, brand partners and fans. The LFD staff is excited and prepared to answer any questions or concerns you may have while shopping the boutique. I, along with the LFD team are committed to making this upcoming season one that is fun and exciting for each and every one of our customers – that includes You!

To stay ahead of the fashion game, as well as receive heads up on upcoming events, giveaways and special discounts, please take a second to join the LFD VIP List.

You can also stalk us on social media:  INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK / PINTEREST / TWITTER

For more information about LFD and to Shop these new fashion collections beginning February 7th, visit

Now it’s your turn: Which clothing collection are you most excited about? Tell me in the comments below!