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Five Advantages of having T-Mobile Simply Prepaid™ Plan

Five Advantages of having T-Mobile Simply Prepaid™ Plan

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Advantages of having the T-Mobile Simply Prepaid™ Plan - The Daily Fashion and Beauty News

As a business owner I'm always trying to look for ways to not only save money, but get the most for my bank - especially when it comes to added necessities like cell phone service.

Case in point a few months ago my husband and I decided to switch our business account to T-Mobile. I have to say so far so good. We are extremely happy with their service. The only problem was, our 12 yr old daughter was completely left out. There she was with a booming school/social life, yet no cell phone of her own.

After thinking about adding a third line to the business account - which already includes two new cell phones + the monthly service fees - we did our research and opted for the Simply Prepaid™ Plan offered by T-Mobile. There were several reasons why we made the decision for a prepaid plan but the biggest motivator for choosing to go with the Simply Prepaid™ Plan was this one: For just $40 dollars a month you get 4G LTE data with unlimited talk and text. 

Knowing how active she is on social media, the numerous videos she watches and all the extensive conversations via text she has with her friends this was the obvious choice for her. 

daughter with Samsung Galaxy Avant prepaid phone

daughter talking on Samsung Galaxy Avant prepaid phone

Other than the unlimited talk and text options, here are a few more advantages of having the Simply Prepaid™ Plan.


Your getting unlimited talk, text and data with your choice of a high-speed data amount all on T-Mobile's Nationwide 4G LTE Network. There are no coverages, credit checks or annual service contracts under the prepaid plan. Additionally, their cell phone selection is up to par unlike most providers. Here's a close up of the Samsung Galaxy Avant we purchased. 

Samsung Galaxy Avant prepaid cell phone by T-Mobile

Samsung Galaxy Avant prepaid cell phone by T-Mobile


For most of us who have a traditional cell phone plan, we know all too well about the required deposit fee that gets paid BEFORE getting the actual phone and service. Depending on your situation, that deposit fee can cost you anywhere from $150-$400 easily - if that seems like a fair price and you have no problem shelling out that type of cash, more power to you. However, if you choose a prepaid service you avoid having to pay a deposit all-together.


When choosing a prepaid plan, the only significant cost you have will be the purchase of the cell phone itself. To give you an idea, we chose the Samsung Galaxy Avant for our daughter which cost $149.99 - that's it. Her cell phone is paid for. Now the only cost she will incur is the cost of the plan itself. I did tell you that for just $40 dollars a month you get 4G LTE data with unlimited talk and text, right?


If you are in a similar situation as our family with a "tween" or even teenagers, then you will want to get the Simply Prepaid™ Plan. Paying for their monthly service in advance, gives you control over their usage preventing you from having to pay a ridiculous amount of money every month. In essence all you have to do is buy one month of the Simply Prepaid™ Plan and let them have at it. Easy - stress free. 

daughter texting on Samsung Galaxy Avant prepaid cell phone


By this I am referring to the ease in getting your hands on the cell and service plan. In our case, I drove to the nearest Walmart walked to the back of the store next to the Photo Department to find the T-Mobile Simply Prepaid™ display.

T-Mobile Simply Prepaid display at walmart

 Walmart display of T-Mobile Simply Prepaid cell phones

Everything I need was there, except for the cell phone - this is not on the display. There will be a card with the photo of the cell phone it. Once you choose the cell phone you prefer, take the card to the register and they will retrieve the cell phone for you. The only step is to choose a monthly plan then pay for it. No fuss - No filling out applications and no extensive phone calls. Just pay for two items and you are well on your way to experiencing excellent prepaid service. 

Now its Your turn:  What do you think?  Are you considering trying out the T-Mobile Simply Prepaid™ Plan?


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