Thursday, November 29, 2012

Starbox by Starlooks - Makeup Program You Won't Believe!

Okay Beauties, with a show of hands, who here loves getting makeup delivered to their doorstep? *Raises both hands while jumping up and down*....

One of the easiest (and affordable) ways of receiving and trying out new makeup samples is by joining beauty sites that offer their members a monthly subscription. I am sure, that most of you a quite familiar with this new concept as there are plenty of companies that have this service.

Today's post is about one makeup company - Starlooks - that has so graciously provided us with their November 2012 Starbox. The Starlooks November 2012 Starbox arrived in this adorable cheetah print box wrapped in a gold bow.

Inside the Starbox, were a few things other than the eye makeup which we will be talking about further in the post. There was an introductory card that explains exactly what products the monthly box contains along with suggestions on how to apply the eye makeup. For those who like to see the makeup in photos, Starlooks  has a LOOKSBOOK available on their website where the monthly makeup is featured in different photos applied on models, allowing you to see exactly how the makeup can be worn.

This month's eye-shadow quad is being referred as the "prime look". A prime look consists of shades that can be worn by ALL skin-tones as a base for the overall eye makeup look. The colors in this quad are the following (beginning at the top left corner going across)

Hint of rust - Midnight in Mongolia
Coffee bean - Void Echo

Of the four shades, which are all in the brown family (except for Void Echo) the only matte color is Coffee Bean. The other three can be considered as metallic or glittery shades.

Beginning with the Hint of Rust, this color can be applied as the highlighting shade under the brow. Followed by applying Midnight in Mongolia over the lid; Then apply Coffee Bean directly into the crease and blending with the other two shades.

To complete the eye look, using an angled brush apply a thin layer of Void Echo along the upper and lower lash lines...and viola!

No eye makeup look would be complete without the application of mascara, right? That's where the 3-in-1 Mascara Guide/Applicator comes handy. By using this as a guide, you will always avoid getting little flakes of mascara on your skin! Love that!

What does a girl need to fully complete her makeup look? Lipstick, of course!

But not just any ordinary lipstick... A tender gloss lipstick in pearl. This lipstick was in the exact shade of my lips so this color can easily be used to create a nude lip. Tip: If you are rocking a nude lip (like this pearl color) remember to wear a dramatic smokey eye for added color.

My findings:

The eye-shadows are in the same shade family which can be useful in applying single shades all over the lid or applying two shades together to create a two-toned smokey eye. These are great for everyday wear.

Using the 3-in-1 mascara tool as a guide is pure genius! It's extremely effective at keeping the mascara wand on the eyelashes with no flakes falling under your lash lines.

The lipstick/gloss glides on very smooth with a fair amount of shine and coverage. The pearl shade provides a nice silky glossy finish - a perfect nude lip!

If I were to rate the Starlooks November 2012 Starbox - with a rating of 1 to 5 (1 being highly dislike and 5 being extremely satisfied) I would have to say that I rate this box a solid 5 - Yes, I am completely satisfied with these products! Which is one reason why I want to recommend Starlooks to all of our wonderful Beauties.

However, there is another HUGE reason why you should look into joining Starlooks now. There is a special offer during the month of December: There is going to be a featured product: a $99
Fifteen Shade Pro Eye Shadow Palette for ONLY $15!

That's an amazing value, isn't? The Fifteen Shade Pro Eye Shadow Palette can be for you or given to another Beautie as a Gift! Pre-orders for the December Starbox subscriptions are now being offered. To reserve your December Starbox simply go to Starlooks and subscribe. Or if you would like to reserve a December gift subscription - call 1 (949) 679 0679.

For more detailed information about Starlooks Starbox subscription program - please visit their website / twitter / facebook page / youtube channel 

Now it's your turn: What are your thoughts about Starlooks makeup subscription program?  Have you reserved your December 2012 Starbox yet? 

Disclosure: The November 2012 Starbox was provided as a complimentary box for this review post. All opinions and photos are 100% mine. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

10 Commandments of Foundation - Beauty Infographic

Joyful Wednesdays Beauties!

I was thinking about what beauty/makeup post I wanted to share with you today when I realized that it has been a few weeks since I shared a beauty infograph with you. If you recall, one of the last infographs shared on the website was all about the 10 Commandments of Lipstick.

In today's beauty infograph we will be taking a closer look at the simple yet sometimes forgotten 10 Commandments of Foundation. The ten rules for using foundation are very novice but they do hold a lot of meaning when you really think about how using/applying foundation can either "make or break" your overall appearance when wearing makeup in general.

So, let's take a look at the 10 Commandments for Foundation that every woman should be aware of:

Related Post : Style United...Your very own personalized virtual makeover 

Now it's your turn: How many of the 10 Commandments of Foundation do you already practice? Do you have any additional tips you would like to share with us? 

Please let us know in the comments! We love hearing from you!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Product Launch Exclusive: Defining Eyes Palette by Tiffany D

Last night I found myself sitting in bed with my IPAD2 nestled in its keyboard working through my inbox when I received a particular email notice. At first, I was going to ignore the email however as I took a closer look, I immediately noticed what the topic of the email was: a new product launch exclusive! 

To give you an idea of exactly how excited I was, I leaped out from under the covers jumping to the side of the bed  doing my happy dance all around the bedroom! Does that ever happen to you? You get that overwhelming feeling of finding something new?  I love it when that happens!

By now you maybe wondering what new product am I referring to, right? I am referring to the New Defining Eyes Palette by Tiffany D.

The Defining Eyes Palette is an all-in-one kit design to enhance, amplify and brighten your eyes. Everything you could possibly need to get a neutral smokey look.  In the palette you will find:
  1. eight (8) eye shadow shades (In the Dark, Midnight, Fog, Halo, Brunette, Chestnut, Smoke and Beam) These neutral shades are universal - The colors will look amazing  
  2. two (2) gel liners (Blackout and Chocolate) 
  3. a dual ended brush - With this brush you can easily blend the shades together with the eye shading end, then using the pencil dual edge to apply the gel liner along the lash-lines. Having just one brush that does double duty is extremely convenient!
  4. a dual ended eye liner pencil - I love the idea of the dual ended eye pencil, especially because of the brightening effect you can easily create by applying the white pencil on the lower inner waterline as well as the inner corner of the eye. 
  5. The palette also comes with a booklet featuring five (5) of Tiffany’s favorite tips and tricks for using the palette.
In my opinion, this palette is a MUST have for anyone who thinks of themselves as a beauty enthusiast (like me!). Which is why I just had to share this product launch information with you.

The Defining Eye Palette  would also make a fabulous gift - The kit has all the tools needed already included in it, so there is no need to buy anything additional.  The Defining Eye Palette is a limited edition and will only be available until supplies last, so you know what that means!

Now it's Your turn: I placed my order earlier this morning - I can't wait for it to arrive so I can try these shades out. Don't miss out so make sure you order yours today! 

PS. Check out Tiffany D's post on her blog for up-close photos of her swatches and a DISCOUNT CODE for The Defining Eye Palette!  

Monday, November 26, 2012

A Cyber Monday Limited Time Offer

Happy Cyber Monday Beauties!

Hopefully by now everyone has had a chance to unwind from the extra-long Holiday weekend while trying to get back into the natural swing of things.  I say "hopefully" because this morning I find myself struggling a little...having so many days off is always needed but then once it's's over!

But the show must go on... it's Cyber Monday after all!

With that being said, we wanted to give you just one last incentive to help you score a few more gifts for the family and a huge gift just for YOU.

That's right! In honor of Cyber Monday and as a special Thank You every $40 order placed at our Online Boutique will automatically get you this amazing Cyber Monday Gift Set:

This set includes the following items:

Super Flash Cosmetic Bag: Faux leather. 11" L (at top) x 2" W x 8" H.

Sweet Stud Earrings: Tie things up, bring a hint of bling and show a little love–all with this trio of adorable studs. Bows: goldtone, 3/8" H; triangular stones: glass faux stones in a hematite setting, 3/8" H; love knots: rose-goldtone, 3/8" H

Nailed It in Holiday Colors: You get two! A festive metallic berry color, sure fire makes for one hot manicure. Meanwhile, meltdown, a metallic taupe shade, sizzles as a shimmering neutral. 0.09 fl. oz. set.

Scanda-lash Hook up Mascara in shade Black Lash: This super-rich mascara perfectly lengthens, thickens and defines lashes without clumping.

Hook up Connector: mark's first-to-market interactive makeup system of modular, interlocking products are held together by the all-important connector piece.

Glow Baby Glow Luxe Hook Up Lip Gloss in shade Lotus Luxe: Super-reflective, micro-mirror  pearlized particles capture and reflect light from every angle to give lips a luxe, glam finish. Unique brush applicator. 0.12 oz. net wt.

Pretty Stellar Ring: Wear it throughout the summer and for seasons and seasons to come. A turquoise stone is forever trendy. Faux turquoise stone and glass rhinestones set in burnished brass. Stretches to fit a range of ring sizes. 3/4"W x 1 1/4" H

Hand it Over Hand Cream in Lemon Sugar: Packed with vitamins and skin conditioners, this luxurious scented cream leaves hands soft, smooth and moisturized all day. 1.5 fl. oz.

Of course, to add in a little more - every order will also receive (in addition to the Cyber Monday Gift Set) a special gift and more samples sent to you directly from our offices!

Now it's Your turn:  Click on the image to be directed to our Online Boutique - Registration is FREE (we do NOT solicit - no phone numbers needed) Place your $40 order - Use code MKCYBER at checkout - Sit back and relax for the goodies to arrive right at your doorstep! 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Help Support Shop Small Today

Did you know that today, November 24th marks the third annual Small Business Saturday? I know, I can hardly believe it myself. It seems it was just yesterday when I stumbled upon American Express Facebook page reading their first announcement of what Small Business Saturday was all about.

The idea of such an influential company taking the time to create a day to support local businesses around the country was certainly news that grabbed my attention, not only because I am an AMEX customer but also because I am a local business owner. Knowing that there is one day of the year dedicated to helping those with local businesses really does help all of us who are trying to make a living for our families.

Which brings me to today's post. If you are still in need of finding a few holiday gifts, a haircut, even a new pair of shoes....why not help your local community by buying the items you need from a small biz! Not only will you be helping your community but you will also be helping local business owners support their families.

So, in honor of today, Small Business Saturday, here are two easy ways to shop that will not only support the SBS movement but it will also help you save time (and money!) shopping for your loved ones this Holiday season.

For the Divas, Princesses, Makeup Mavens and Fashionistas on your list:

When shopping at our online boutique, please register (it's free and we DO NOT solicit via email) so we can send you an additional gift and samples as a Thank You for supporting our business!

Entering code MARK20 will give you a 20% discount on every order - no minimum amount required!

For the Pet Lovers in your families and friends (I love this one!):

Kritter Kondo Deluxe
$164.99 + Shipping

The Kritter Kondo Deluxe is an outdoor pet enclosure ideal for indoor cats and small dogs. The Kritter Kondo Deluxe collapses flat with the simple release of a few pins; no assembly required. A shade canopy is built in to offer a shady side and a sunny side for your pet to enjoy. The Kondo comes with it’s own carrying case which has a shoulder strap and handles for easy mobility and storage. The interior of the carrying case has three pockets and a zipper pouch for toys, food, blanket and bed.

I hope by sharing these two Shop Small suggestions that you have been able to find a few more gifts to give your family, friends and pets this Holiday season. If you are interested in supporting other small businesses that are in your local area, please visit shopsmall for more information.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hot Black Friday Deals You Don't Want to Miss

We've seen the commercials and heard all the buzz surrounding the busiest shopping weekend of the year: Black Friday, Shop Small and Cyber Monday. Some of us will be among the brave, leaving our warm comfy homes, driving around town in the dark, in hopes of hunting down and grabbing the best door-buster sales we can find.  Does this sound familiar to you?

If so, then this list of Hot Black Friday Deals is just for YOU!

You don't have to worry about missing a special deal this weekend - Here is a list of some of the BEST shopping Black Friday Deals from some of our top favorite companies. So, please sit back, grab a drink (coffee, tea, margarita, glass of wine - your pick so go for it!) and let us help you become your families Holiday Superstar!


Thursday Doorbusters: $10 off any $40 or more purchase of Clothing, Intimates, Sleepwear, Accessories, Fragrance and Cosmetics with code: BLACKFRIDAY
Valid 11/22 at 8 PM to 11/23 at 1 PM


Take 10% off any purchase $55 or more! Use code: cmsave10
Valid until 12/1/2012


15% off Everything for Black Friday with code: BLACKFRI
Save with Free Shipping on orders $50+
Valid 11/21-11/25


Get 40-50% off Izod Apparel!
Offer Valid until 12/31/2012

Hips & Curves

Shop the Hips & Curves Black Friday sale and save up to 50% off plus size lingerie!
Valid 11/19-11/23


Free Shipping on the Season's Top 20 Toys &
Spend $50, Get Free Shipping on Select Items
Valid until 12/29/2012

Black Friday Free Worldwide Shipping!  Get TWO full days of free shipping (domestic and First Class International shipping)! Begins midnight (12AM Central Standard Time) on Thursday, November 22 and end at midnight (12AM Central Standard Time) on Friday, November 23. Enter code BF2012 at checkout. There is no minimum order, but only one discount code may be applied. 

Do you have die hard foodie in your family? No worries, we have you covered here - Our Top Gourmet Gift Ideas for Black Friday. 

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow with your family! Enjoy shopping these Hot Black Friday Deals - Stay tuned for even more news and shopping list deals we are putting together just for YOU! Come back to get first dibs for Shop Small (Saturday 11.24) and Cyber Monday (Nov. 26).   

Disclosure: I am grateful to be of service and bring you content free of charge. As such please note that some of the links posted in this Black Friday Deal list are affiliate links; which means that when you click links and purchase items, in some (not all) cases I may receive a very small referral commission. Due to this fact, I selected only the very best Black Friday Deals from retailers that I, as a local business owner and consumer, would highly recommend.  Thank you for your support! 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Get the #AMAs Beauty Looks: Taylor Swift and P!nk

Happy Tuesday Luvlies!

As we all try to get through this short work week so we can begin the Holiday festivities, this past weekend (Sunday to be exact) some of us were unwinding from the weekend  by watching the #AMA's.  Where you able to watch the American Music Award ceremonies?

From what I heard (and briefly saw) two of the most recently made Covergirls rocked the show - not only with their outstanding music performances, but with their amazing beauty looks. If you are thinking that I was referring to both Taylor Swift and P!nk, then you are absolutely correct!

Many of us (myself included!) really do look forward to these special televised events just to get a closer view of what the celebrities are wearing and what their makeup looks like.

Good news is:  You no longer have to worry about trying to figure out how to achieve both Taylor Swift's and P!nk's beauty looks - I have all the juicy details for you right here in this Get the Look beauty post!

Let's begin shall we?

COVERGIRL Taylor Swift at the 2012 American Music Awards, by makeup artist, Lorrie Turk

Taylor wanted her knock-out dress to be the inspiration for her AMA red carpet look. She wanted a high-impact look, and we needed one that could also be easily altered to go into her performance look.

I lightly buffed COVERGIRL NatureLuxe Silk Foundation onto her face with a synthetic foundation brush, and powdered only through the center of her face to leave a nice dewy finish on her skin. I then lightly brushed on TruBlend Minerals Blush in True Romance for some soft color and shimmer.

I started by dabbing on (using my fingertip) COVERGIRL Intense Shadow Blast in Brown Bling as a base. Next, I brushed on (with an eyeshadow brush) Eye Enhancers 1-kit shadow in Brown Smolder all over the lid, from the lash-line to just beneath her brow bone and her lower lash-line. Using Liquiline Blast Eyeliner in Black Fire, I then lined her upper and lower lash-line heavily, blending up and out to eliminate hard lines, leaving her eyes soft and smoky. We finished with several coats of (New!) LashBlast Clump Crusher mascara in Very Black.

Lastly, I used NatureLuxe Gloss Balm in Grenache, applying it directly from the tube.

COVERGIRL P!NK at the 2012 American Music Awards, by makeup artist, Kathy Jeung

P!NK’s beautiful bronze leather and chiffon dress was modern and strong, yet feminine, so we wanted to do a makeup that reflected that, a simple, paired down but glowing, glamorous beauty look. We've been doing a lot of smokey eyed looks lately, so thought we'd mix it up and do a look that felt a bit like old Hollywood glamour, but in a modern way, with focus on the eyes, especially the lash line and lashes.

I applied foundation using a foundation brush and then further blended with a moistened sponge, then set with a light dusting of COVERGIRL Professional Loose Powder  powder around the t-zone. For touch-ups, I used COVERGIRL Clean Oil Control Pressed Powder.   I first applied a peach shade blush, CG Classic Color Blush in Natural Glow on the apples of the cheek and blended outward and up. Then I applied a shimmery bronzer, CG Cheekers Bronzer in Golden Tan along the upper outer cheekbone area and also on outer temples (upper sides of face near eyes).

For eyebrows, I used a few soft strokes of CG Brow & EyeMakers Pencil in Soft Blonde  to define, then brushed into place with CG Profession Natural Lash clear mascara. For the eyes, I first applied CG Eye Enhancers in Champagne all over the lid and on the brow bone. Next I applied a bronze shadow, CG Eye Enhancers in Mink into the crease and blended well. Along the outer corner of the eye, I used a metallic color that wonderfully matched her dress, CG Eye Enhancers in Tapestry Taupe. To get depth along the lash line, CG Liquiline Blast Eyeliner in Black Fire, drawn with a bit of a cat eye shaped at the outer corners, then smudged. Over that to further define, I used CG LineBlast 24 Hour Eyeliner in Enduring Black, in a thin line along lash line. Along the outer lower lash line, I again used CG Eye Enhancers in Tapestry Taupe to accent to cat eye shape.

To add a little more dimension and to further blend, I added CG Cheekers Bronzer in Copper Radiance in the area around the brow bone with a medium fluffy brush. Over curled lashes, I apply 2 coats of CG Clump Crusher by LashBlast Mascara in Very Black on the top lashes. Because of its amazing staying power with no smudges, I used CG LashBlast 24HR Mascara on the lower lashes - 2 coats to really bring out her already long lower lashes.

For P!NKs performance, I lined the inside upper and lower rims of eyes with CG Liquiline Blast Eyeliner in Black Fire and added CG Eye Enhancers in Shimmering Onyx around the outer corners of her eyes, then colored cream shadow and pigment powders all over her face and body).

My thoughts:
Personally, I love both of these beauty looks. Taylor's makeup can easily be worn as an everyday look. On the other hand, P!nk's edgy makeup is perfect for a night out with the hubbs or a night out with the girls.  Honestly, I have to admit that I am having a hard time picking which makeup look to wear first!

Now it's Your turn:
Now that you have the inside scoop on how to duplicate these looks along with which Covergirl products to use, which makeup look suits your personality the best?   Are you a sleek and sophisticated diva like Taylor Swift; or are you more of an modern edgy "old Hollywood" rocker girl like P!nk?

Let us know in the comments - we truly enjoy speaking with you! 

But, as if this were not enough, here are few other CoverGirl goodies going on JUST FOR YOU: 

Go Topless and show us your Hottest Nails - Submit your nail look on CoverGirl's Facebook App for a chance to win some of CoverGirls newest beauty products! You can enter once daily. 

CoverGirl is now on pinterest and instagram - Now you can follow the brand directly and get all the juicy need to know beauty secrets and product information first hand!  

Disclosure: Please be advised that the team at LatinFlava Designs is not being compensated for this post. The links enclosed in this beauty post are NOT affiliate links; these are solely for the purpose of sharing the CoverGirl products used by the makeup artists.  Photo Credits (Getty/COVERGIRL).

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Getting Your Home-Office Organized with Dotmine

Running a business from home has its benefits - that's a given. However, working from home can also have major setbacks; one of them being structure and organization. Without the structure of an office outside of our homes, it is easy to scatter anything work related all over the house. However, having an organized home office will make for a faster and more pleasant workday.

Here are a few ideas to get you and your home office organized:

1. Once you have your designated office space, you should have all of the office essentials - your computer, paper, files, pens, ect. - within reach. Doing so avoids wasting time having to walk around the house looking for the things you need; it will be much easier having all your papers and files in one central location.

2. Now that everything has its place, create an "in-box" and an "out-box". These boxes should be used for the projects that need your immediate attention; using the out-box for all of your completed work. At the end of the day, empty out the out-box by placing it in files or shredding it, if it's something that is no longer needed. The inbox should have the work that you need to complete the very next morning.

3. Get yourself a detailed daily planner.   Having a user friendly day planner is a MUST have for everyone - even if you work outside of the home.  My recommendation : a dotmine day planner.

Not only are they stylish but these planners have everything you need to help you be more organized:

  • A seventeen month planner (The one I have covers August '12 - December 2013)
  • Four Master Scheduling Planning Guides for Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer Seasons - This worksheet can help you coordinate your weekly schedule (meetings, special events, or project deadlines).
  • Each month has its own calendar so you can easily keep track of the days during the month.
  • In between each monthly calendar, there are individual weekly schedules.

These are my favorites because the weekly plan can actually be torn out of the planner itself which makes it easier to carry along with you if needed, especially if you have a few meetings scheduled for the same day.

  • On the side of the weekly planner there is also a shaded margin designated for making lists - this can be used to make a list that outlines your workday. Having this to-do list will bridge the gap between your motivation and productivity - in other words, seeing what you need to get done will motivated you to finish everything on that list. As if that were not enough, at the very bottom of each weekly schedule there is a motivational quote to help guide you through the week. I love that!
  • In the rear portion of the planner, you will have a "notes" page as well as a few pages available to list important contact information for clients, teachers, customers, schools, family members, ect. Having this section included in the planner certainly makes it easier to find someone's contact number right when you need it.
  • Included with the dotmine daily planner is a sheet of small stickers.

These stickers have cute little figures on them for birthdays, date nights, games, recitals, bill due dates, house/car repair dates, vacations, anniversaries and appointments.

These are great visual reminders to have posted throughout the planner. You can place each sticker on their particular date and just by looking at the sticker, you're immediately reminded of what needs to be completed that day.

4. While having a detailed planner (such as this one from dotmine) will keep you organized, it is also important to allow yourself a little "breathing" room during the day - this will help you in those moments when unexpected circumstances arise. Your "breathing" room does not need to last for long periods of time, but having this room to breathe will allow you to adjust your day accordingly without loosing your cool!

Following these four steps will help you maintain the structure and organization you need to run a highly successful business without having to leave your home.

To see the wide variety of daily planners offered by dotmine, please visit their website / pinterest / facebook / twitter

Now it's Your Turn: How do you like to keep your work office organized? Which dotmine planner do you like best? 

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments - We enjoy hearing from you!

Disclosure: I received the above products through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I asked to give a positive review. All photos and opinions stated in this article are 100% my very own.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to Create a Polished and Neutral Everyday Look

One of the most popular beauty looks this Fall season is wearing a rich bold lip color paired with a neutral eye and face. The overall effect of this look is very polished and perfect for everyday wear. In order to get this trendy look, all you really need is a few basic tools and a good quality selection of makeup. 

My personal favorite look from the mark.girl cosmetic collection is the "Very Berry" look done by makeup artist, Mai Quynh. In the video below, Mai shows just how easy it is to put this effortless yet polished neutral look together. 

The one aspect of this makeup video that caught my attention was seeing how quickly this look comes together. A neutral eye and face paired with such a bold rich color can be worn very easily. Now that you have seen how to get the "Very Berry" makeup look,  here is a collage featuring all the cosmetics Mai Quynh used in the video.

Very Berry - A Polished Neutral Look

List of mark makeup products used and where to purchase:  

Primed for Perfection Face Primer
Got the Goods Multi-Benefit Foundation Lotion SPF 15 
Matte-Nificent Oil Absorbing Powder 
Just Blushing Powder Blush - in Dollhouse 
Please Hold Eye Primer  
I-mark Wet/Dry Eye Shadow- in Puff and Tiki
No Place to Run Longwear Eyeliner - in foxy brown
Lash All You Want High-Volume Mascara 
Make It Rich Lip Color Crayon - in royale 

Now its Your turn: Would you wear the Very Berry Look this season? What is your favorite part of this makeup look: the neutral polished eyes or the bold rich lip? 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Get Rid of Tired Puffy Eyes in Two Steps


You have spoken. We have listened.

The first beauty post being featured during this week's Beauty Bash Event will be all about the eyes, specifically under eye skin care.  Your eyes are one of the most important features of your face which is why it's vital to take good care of them.

Most women will probably say to themselves, "I do take care of my under eye skin - every time I moisturize. Isn't that enough?"

The answer to this questions is: NO, that will never be enough! Moisturizing the skin on your face is one thing but knowing how to take care of your eyes is another. 

The skin under and around your eyes is very delicate in comparison to the rest of your facial skin and as such, this skin needs a little more attention. Adding a few simple steps into your regular skin care routine will certainly help you maintain your under eye skin (and eyes) appearing youthful and refreshed.

1.  Only use eye creams - NOT face creams

Most facial creams have certain ingredients that can extremely harsh on under eye skin.  You want to make sure that you only apply eye cream instead. There are two (2) eye creams that have proven to be very effective in protecting this delicate skin area.

Get Defensive SPF 15 Eye Cream

What it is: This eye cream provides SPF protection as it hydrates, soften lines around the eyes and reduces puffiness. The cream is light-weight which allows the skin to quickly absorb all of its properties.

Main Ingredients: maqui berry + licorice root

SPF provides both UVA and UVB broad-spectrum protection.
Cream increases under eye skin moisture.
Instantly makes the eye area look brighter
Reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness

Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum

What it is: A fragrance-free eye serum formulated to smooth fine lines around the eyes, hydrate under eye skin while providing lift to the skin.

Main Ingredients: concentrated amino-peptide + B3 complex

Serum brightens under eye skin
Smooths fine lines
Hydrates to help firm and lift skin appearance around the eyes

2. Application

Using these eye creams is a great start to improving your under eye skin care, however knowing how and where to apply the creams is even more important.

Applying the creams about 1/2 inch above upper and lower lash line is more effective than applying cream directly onto the eyelid and under eye areas. Eye creams tend to "travel" throughout the skin so applying it above/under the eye will ensure that the creams are absorbed by the areas you are targeting (ie. puffiness, crows-feet, fine lines under lash lines).

Using the ring finger, apply the cream by making small dots along the areas above eye. Gently pat the cream into skin.

Applying eye cream should be done at least twice a day - morning and night. A suggestion for those who experience tired puffy eyes, before beginning your skin routine place eye cream in fridge for a few minutes. Applying "cold" eye cream will refresh under eye skin and reduce puffiness almost it feels so good!

Feeling good and rejuvenated is "a great thing". Taking just two steps in the right direction can make all the difference. Remember: Your eyes are the windows of your soul.... so why not make sure these windows stay youthful and refreshed?

Now it's Your turn: Do you have any special "tips" on under eye skin care that you like to add?

top photo credit:  Source: via Elle on Pinterest    

Monday, November 12, 2012

Beauty Bash Week - starts Today!

Happy Monday Beauties!

Don't you just love looking forward to the Holidays and all the time off you will be getting? I know I do!

Well, having that thought in mind we wanted to bring a special week to the blog that we are naming Beauty Bash.  This beauty event starts today (all the goodies begin tomorrow!) and will be ending next Monday, November 19.

So, what will this week long Beauty Bash be about?

The entire purpose of  Beauty Bash is to share with you new items that have arrived at the online boutique, we will be watching "how-to" videos featuring new makeup looks, along with the videos there will be a break down of which products can be used to achieve the looks as well as a few tips.

In addition to featuring beauty products, you will also have an inside peek at some of the newest fashion pieces that have arrived in the last few days - we have selected a few of our most favorite pieces with our readers in mind - I am really excited for you all to see exactly how gorgeous these pieces are!

Please make sure you come and visit the blog this week so you have a front row view of everything we will be sharing - You will not want to miss out on seeing these exclusive items! Trust me, these items will not be around for long! 

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DIY Exfoliant: Oatmeal Scrub

photo credit: free digital photos

Many of us love the idea of going to a local Spa - whether it be to get our nails done, hair treatments, facials or full body messages - but unfortunately sometimes going to the Spa can be costly.

Having that thought in mind, I wanted to bring the Spa to You by sharing some of my naturally made skin care recipes. 

When this thought of  Do-It-Yourself  home skin care came about,  I had been experiencing breakouts of adult acne. It's really surprising for me to say this, but now that I think about it, my skin rarely broke out during my teenage years. I don't know if I should think of it as a blessing or a curse. On some days, I honestly believe that it is a curse!

Over the years, I have tried several methods of taking care of my skin by purchasing and using some of the most expensive skin care kits. This does work but it certainly brings "new" skin issues along with its good results. 

One of the side-effects of using topical skin creams and toners is that even the oiliest of skin can get very dry and flaky; especially around the mouth, chin and jaw line. The worst thing is when you are trying to apply your makeup and all you can see are little skin flakes making their appearance under the layer of makeup. I cannot tell you, how annoying that is! This is something that always happens to me after using medicated skin care products.

So, not being able to "suck-it-up" any longer I decided that I would exfoliate my skin to rid myself of these annoying flakes. And that I did!

For the past two days, I have been using a d-i-y Oatmeal Scrub. The results can be seen almost instantly. After using the oatmeal "paste" my skin feels soft and supple - there is no tightness to the skin what-so-ever.

Here is what you will need to make this Oatmeal Scrub at home:

  • about 1/8 - 1/4 cup of old fashioned oats
  • a few teaspoons of milk (or water)

Using a food processor or small coffee grinder, grind the oats until they become powder like. (I used my coffee grinder and it worked amazingly well!)
In a clean bowl, mix the oats with a few tsp. of milk.  Basically you want to end up with a semi-thick paste.

I have found that the easiest way to use the oatmeal scrub is during my evening shower. I do this for several reasons: my skin is already damp and clean, my pores are open due to the steam the shower creates and it's just easier to clean up!

After I am done washing up, using my fingers I apply the oatmeal scrub to my face/neck/chest gently rubbing in circular motions starting at my forehead continuing downward until all the oatmeal has been used. (if I have extra I also apply scrub on my arms and legs)

I like to let the scrub sit on my skin for at least 10 min. Then I rinse off with lukewarm water following up with a splash of cold water (doing this will help your pores to close). Lastly, using a clean soft towel, I pat my skin dry; then I apply toner followed by a moisturizer.

Simple and yet, so very effective. What I like most, is seeing immediate results - there is nothing better than that!

Now it's your turn: Have you ever used oatmeal as a skin defoliator before? Would you give this treatment a try? Let us know in the comments!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Timeless Style with #FossilVintageRevival Handbag Fashion Contest

This post brought to you by Fossil. All opinions are 100% mine.

A popular saying is "A diamond is a girl's best friend". This is very true, however there is one accessory in particular that holds great value to any woman that considers herself to be a fashionista: the stylish handbag.

Any fashionista would agree that a handbag can either make or break an outfit.  Having the perfect size and colored handbag is just as important as selecting what jewelry you decide to wear with an outfit.  Your handbag should not only compliment your style but it should also be practical.

What do I mean by "a handbag should be practical?" 

A practical handbag can be worn with any type of outfit.  Your handbag should exude timeless style and design, in other words, you should be able to can wear it throughout the seasons. I don't know anyone who would choose to do that, but none the less, a stylish handbag should at least have that type of appeal.

One brand that comes to mind is the Fossil Vintage Revival Handbags

Fossil Vintage Revival Handbags are simple to style. For example, take a look at these two example outfits that I will be wearing this fall season while sporting my Fossil Vintage Revival Handbag:

Daytime Casual Outfit

This casual outfit is perfect for those days when I find myself driving around town shopping, meeting friends or the husband for lunch, going to school meetings or just running basic errands. This Fossil Vintage Revival Handbags in particular is the perfect size - I can easily carry my cell phone, a small makeup bag, my sunglasses, and my IPAD2 - everything I could possibly need at my fingertips!

Nighttime Outfit

On the flip side, this Fossil Vintage Revival Handbags can also be worn if I am having a evening dinner meeting with clients or if I am out to dinner with my husband. I really don't have the need to change my handbag because it already has everything I need plus it beings my entire Nighttime outfit together quite easily!

The new Fossil Vintage Revival Handbags collection has been updated in exotic crocodile-embossed leather and giraffe printed hair calf while keeping that iconic vintage silhouette in past styles maintaining a timeless look that transcends the ages.

Looking closely at the video above, it is easy to notice that each handbag is burnished, stitched and finished by hand. Only the very highest quality leather is used.  The selection of colors are very complimentary of this Fall season - the handbags are available in soft yellows, butterscotch, rust, and pecan - just to mention a few.

Now that you have seen just how easy the Fossil Vintage Revival Handbags can be styled for both daytime and nighttime attire as shown in the collages and video, how about having the chance to win a Fossil Handbag for yourself! 

Yes, you read correctly - we are giving one lucky fashionista the chance to win a Fossil Vintage Revival Handbags of her very own!


This Fossil Fashion Contest begins at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (“EST”) on November 6, 2012 and ends at 11:59 p.m. EST on November 20, 2012.   For more detailed information please read the official rules.

Here's what you need to do in order to enter this Fossil Fashion Contest giveaway event:

  1. Create a pin board on Pinterest of an outfit you’d pair with your Vintage Revival handbag.
  2. Include #FossilVintageRevival the description of your Pinterest Pin.
  3. Leave a message in the comments below sharing your Pin.

To make this entry a little easier for our readers and friends, we have created a #FossilVintageRevival Pinterest Board  where you can pin your outfit entry!

Please Note: You must share your pin in the comments in order to be eligible. In addition, you must also include your email address in your comment along with Pin. 


Happy Pinning and Good Luck to everyone who enters the Fossil Fashion Contest!

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Motivational Monday - A New Beginning

Mondays are not my favorite day of the week. Mondays are the most busiest day - it's the day most of us use to "catch up" on tasks that were not completed or taken care the week prior. When I think about that, it remind me of all the years working in the Corporate World, cringing at the thought of going into the office first thing on a Monday morning. I would literally have to prepare myself mentally, hoping that the first day of the work week would go by without any major catastrophe.

Although I am not in the corporate world any more, I am however, a small business owner. Running a business is not always easy or without complications. But that's life. It has definitely taken me a while to understand that every day (including Monday's) should be recognized for what it is: A New Beginning.

Keeping those last three words in mind (A New Beginning) let's celebrate today with the following Motivational Monday quote:

                                                                        Source: via Colleen on Pinterest

Now it's your turn: Please take a few minutes and share this Motivational Monday quote with others- We all need a little push in the right direction. 

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sexy Shoes and Where to Get Them

"Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world"... These are mighty strong words coming from one of the most iconic beauties of all times..Marilyn Monroe. In my humble opinion I honestly believe Marilyn was on to something when she said these words.

Wearing a pair of shoes that you absolutely love really can give you that boost of self confidence that sometimes is needed. I for one, love shoes! I can never have enough pairs of shoes to wear. I like having a wide variety to choose from. And it is because of that I tend do shoe shop at least once every few weeks.

The past few days have been rather depressing, so in hopes of motivating myself I decided to take a few minutes for myself and shoe shop. Where did I go? Instead of leaving the house (it's too cold outside!) I went online to one of my favorite online shoe boutiques, Shoe Dazzle.

Shoe Dazzle has a great selection in shoes; there is absolutely a style that fits everyone. For example, I love all shoes - my only guideline when looking for a new pair of shoes is that it has to have a heel. The higher the heel, the better!

Standing at only 4ft 9in you can understand why stilettos, wedges and platform shoes are the style I gravitate to most.

While searching through the online shoe section, I came across a simply styled bootie that I had heard about a few weeks ago but never got the chance to take a closer look at it. Which shoe am I referring to?

Allow me to introduce you to: Nethia

Nethia  is the creation of one of the most talked about Real Housewives of the Bravo network, Nene Leakes. A few weeks ago, Shoe Dazzle posted the news via Facebook however I was not able to look into it until today, when listening to a commercial announcing the series premier of the Real Housewives of Atlanta airing Sunday, I immediately remembered! 

The Nethia is a chic bootie with gold metallic platform and heel and with lace cutouts going across the front. This bootie is only available in black, the height of the heel is 5.25", the front platform is 1.25" in height and the bootie is faux-suede with an exposed zipper.

My favorite aspect of Nethia is not only the height of the heel, but the simple style of the bootie itself. I can certainly see the appeal of wanting (or should I say, needing) a pair - these can easily be paired with skinny jeans or leggings for daytime wear or with a A-Line dress and blazer for an evening out.

So, for the price of $39.95, these booties would certainly make up for their cost.  Best of all, according to Shoe Dazzle, "100% of the profits (from this shoe) will benefit Saving Our Daughters, an organization that provides teen girls with the tools to combat all forms of abuse against women". 

Now that is definitely a good reason why I need to get my hands on a pair of  Nethia  and soon! 

Now it's your turn: What do think about Nethia - would you wear her?  What are your favorite style of shoes?    Please share your ideas with us - we love hearing from you!