Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Timeless Style with #FossilVintageRevival Handbag Fashion Contest

This post brought to you by Fossil. All opinions are 100% mine.

A popular saying is "A diamond is a girl's best friend". This is very true, however there is one accessory in particular that holds great value to any woman that considers herself to be a fashionista: the stylish handbag.

Any fashionista would agree that a handbag can either make or break an outfit.  Having the perfect size and colored handbag is just as important as selecting what jewelry you decide to wear with an outfit.  Your handbag should not only compliment your style but it should also be practical.

What do I mean by "a handbag should be practical?" 

A practical handbag can be worn with any type of outfit.  Your handbag should exude timeless style and design, in other words, you should be able to can wear it throughout the seasons. I don't know anyone who would choose to do that, but none the less, a stylish handbag should at least have that type of appeal.

One brand that comes to mind is the Fossil Vintage Revival Handbags

Fossil Vintage Revival Handbags are simple to style. For example, take a look at these two example outfits that I will be wearing this fall season while sporting my Fossil Vintage Revival Handbag:

Daytime Casual Outfit

This casual outfit is perfect for those days when I find myself driving around town shopping, meeting friends or the husband for lunch, going to school meetings or just running basic errands. This Fossil Vintage Revival Handbags in particular is the perfect size - I can easily carry my cell phone, a small makeup bag, my sunglasses, and my IPAD2 - everything I could possibly need at my fingertips!

Nighttime Outfit

On the flip side, this Fossil Vintage Revival Handbags can also be worn if I am having a evening dinner meeting with clients or if I am out to dinner with my husband. I really don't have the need to change my handbag because it already has everything I need plus it beings my entire Nighttime outfit together quite easily!

The new Fossil Vintage Revival Handbags collection has been updated in exotic crocodile-embossed leather and giraffe printed hair calf while keeping that iconic vintage silhouette in past styles maintaining a timeless look that transcends the ages.

Looking closely at the video above, it is easy to notice that each handbag is burnished, stitched and finished by hand. Only the very highest quality leather is used.  The selection of colors are very complimentary of this Fall season - the handbags are available in soft yellows, butterscotch, rust, and pecan - just to mention a few.

Now that you have seen just how easy the Fossil Vintage Revival Handbags can be styled for both daytime and nighttime attire as shown in the collages and video, how about having the chance to win a Fossil Handbag for yourself! 

Yes, you read correctly - we are giving one lucky fashionista the chance to win a Fossil Vintage Revival Handbags of her very own!


This Fossil Fashion Contest begins at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (“EST”) on November 6, 2012 and ends at 11:59 p.m. EST on November 20, 2012.   For more detailed information please read the official rules.

Here's what you need to do in order to enter this Fossil Fashion Contest giveaway event:

  1. Create a pin board on Pinterest of an outfit you’d pair with your Vintage Revival handbag.
  2. Include #FossilVintageRevival the description of your Pinterest Pin.
  3. Leave a message in the comments below sharing your Pin.

To make this entry a little easier for our readers and friends, we have created a #FossilVintageRevival Pinterest Board  where you can pin your outfit entry!

Please Note: You must share your pin in the comments in order to be eligible. In addition, you must also include your email address in your comment along with Pin. 


Happy Pinning and Good Luck to everyone who enters the Fossil Fashion Contest!

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  1. I love Fossil!


    ChrystaArcher [at] gmail.com

  2. Thank for posting I love the daytime outfit. That is super cute!

    1. @Melinda - It's my pleasure! I love sharing giveaways with all of you ;)

  3. Gorgeous bag!

  4. I love their stuff. I really the red boots and purse.

  5. Here's a link to my whole board:

    stephpax at gmail dot com

    Thanks for the chance!

  6. http://pinterest.com/pin/212302569905173612/
    spinkh at yahoo dot com
    Love the bag!

  7. I am dying over those 2 outfits!! Love them!

  8. thanks for the fun! http://pinterest.com/clallen1971/let-s-go-vintage-baby-fossilvintagerevival/ clallen at ntin dot net

  9. Wow! I wish I could wear pretty outfits like the ones above! You picked out the cutest ensembles! :)

  10. Had a blast putting this together...this is exactly what I would wear this fall.

  11. Love your choices! Here's my board: http://pinterest.com/rusthawk/fossil-vintage-revival/

    rusthawk at gmail.com

  12. Hi! That Fossil bag is gorgeous! Thank you so much for the incredible chance to win it! I made a board and will continue to pin on it... so fun to dream about what I would wear with that Fossil handbag! Thanks again & happy weekend to you! :D http://pinterest.com/vectoringmomma/fossilvintagerevival-photo-contest/
    vectoringmomma at gmail dot com

  13. This outfit is exactly what I would want to wear while carrying this bag, if I won...

    thecountryblossom at hotmail dot com

  14. Gorgeous bag! http://pinterest.com/pin/66217056992836413/

    adametzb at yahoo dot com

  15. I love Fossil bags. I would love to show off this bag over the holidays.

  16. http://pinterest.com/acrisafu/fossilvintagerevival/


    April C.

  17. What a pretty handbag!

    1. m o o n c i t y (at) y a h o o (dot) c o m

  18. I love Fossil bags. What a great giveaway, how awesome!

    Thank you,


    Diana C

  19. those are seriously gorgeous bags! http://pinterest.com/wendypchef/fossilvintagerevival/

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