Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Product Launch Exclusive: Defining Eyes Palette by Tiffany D

Last night I found myself sitting in bed with my IPAD2 nestled in its keyboard working through my inbox when I received a particular email notice. At first, I was going to ignore the email however as I took a closer look, I immediately noticed what the topic of the email was: a new product launch exclusive! 

To give you an idea of exactly how excited I was, I leaped out from under the covers jumping to the side of the bed  doing my happy dance all around the bedroom! Does that ever happen to you? You get that overwhelming feeling of finding something new?  I love it when that happens!

By now you maybe wondering what new product am I referring to, right? I am referring to the New Defining Eyes Palette by Tiffany D.

The Defining Eyes Palette is an all-in-one kit design to enhance, amplify and brighten your eyes. Everything you could possibly need to get a neutral smokey look.  In the palette you will find:
  1. eight (8) eye shadow shades (In the Dark, Midnight, Fog, Halo, Brunette, Chestnut, Smoke and Beam) These neutral shades are universal - The colors will look amazing  
  2. two (2) gel liners (Blackout and Chocolate) 
  3. a dual ended brush - With this brush you can easily blend the shades together with the eye shading end, then using the pencil dual edge to apply the gel liner along the lash-lines. Having just one brush that does double duty is extremely convenient!
  4. a dual ended eye liner pencil - I love the idea of the dual ended eye pencil, especially because of the brightening effect you can easily create by applying the white pencil on the lower inner waterline as well as the inner corner of the eye. 
  5. The palette also comes with a booklet featuring five (5) of Tiffany’s favorite tips and tricks for using the palette.
In my opinion, this palette is a MUST have for anyone who thinks of themselves as a beauty enthusiast (like me!). Which is why I just had to share this product launch information with you.

The Defining Eye Palette  would also make a fabulous gift - The kit has all the tools needed already included in it, so there is no need to buy anything additional.  The Defining Eye Palette is a limited edition and will only be available until supplies last, so you know what that means!

Now it's Your turn: I placed my order earlier this morning - I can't wait for it to arrive so I can try these shades out. Don't miss out so make sure you order yours today! 

PS. Check out Tiffany D's post on her blog for up-close photos of her swatches and a DISCOUNT CODE for The Defining Eye Palette!  


  1. I love EVERYTHING makeup...maybe I need to order this one!! :)

    1. Jennifer - That's exactly how I am! I love it when I can get my hands on new makeup and skin products - it's my all time favorite!

      Thank you for your comment and for stopping by the website!