Monday, July 9, 2012

90-Day Creative BioScience Beauty Challenge - Day 1

Happy Monday Beauties & Fashion-istas! I hope everyone has enjoyed the weekend along with the hot summer weather... 

As promised, I wanted to share a quick post with you in regards to a previous post where I told you about a 90-day beauty challenge that I am going to be participating in sponsored by Creative Bioscience.

You can read the entire introduction post here

I finally received my package of the African Mango Lean dietary supplements. There were two bottles in the package each containing 60 capsules. The capsules are quite large, however, I did manage to take one capsule this morning with an eight ounce glass of iced tea with no problems.

According to the bottle, the correct daily dosage is two capsules, but since this is my first day, I thought I would just take one to see how my body reacts to it. Most likely, I will continue to only take one daily for my first few days then if there are no issues (which I highly doubt that there will be) I will move on to taking two capsules in the morning as directed.

Enclosed with the bottles, was a small brochure detailing the "diet instructions". This regimen is quite simple to follow. You can choose from two plans: 800 Calorie Plan or 1200 Calorie Plan. (as seen below)

I have chosen the 1200 calorie diet. I believe this would be the best option for me at this point. I don't do well on less than 1000 calories; not to mention my family would not be able to handle me if I am under fed!

Now, my favorite part of this 90-day beauty challenge: Allowed Foods (as seen below)

The foods that are allowed are nothing out of the ordinary:
  • For protein, instead of the entire egg, only whites are allowed.
  • Appears to be that most fruits and veggies are okay;
  • Grains allowed are oat-bran and melba toast;
  • Lean dairy speaks for itself which is just fine because we only drink skim milk; 
  • Spices and seasonings have no limits; as for sweeteners it is recommended to use either Stevia or Sweet'N'Low.
  • Beverages - water and black coffee are allowed which means I don't have to give up my caffeine! Huge bonus!

Over all as you can see, this beauty challenge does not appear to be that complicated. I am hopeful that with a little determination and meal planning, the end results should be what I am expecting. But, like the saying goes: "Only time will tell."

Now it's your turn: After reading this information, what are your thoughts? Would you be able to comply with this dietary regimen? Is there anything that you would change?

Please share your thoughts in the comments. I am excited to continue this convo with all of you! As mentioned, today is my first day on this program, so please stay tuned as I will be providing updates as I continue forward with this challenge.


  1. You're going to do fabulous, Mia!I always enjoy eating nonfat yogurt from Trader Joe's and organic cereals for snacks.

  2. Good luck and it sounds like you already eat relatively healthy. I could not do this right now.... I hate Stevia, SnL and the like.

  3. Buena Suerte! sounds like an awesome challenge!