Sunday, July 22, 2012

Avoiding Those Common Under Arm Blunders - Part 2

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As promised, here is Part Two of the Avoiding Those Common Under Arm Blunders mini series. In our first post we took a closer look at a few tips to help treat red blemishes that can sometimes appear on our under arm skin. Today we are going to give a few tips on how to treat our under arm skin from getting unsightly dark marks.

So let's get right to it, shall we?

To get rid and prevent dark marks to under arm skin, give these tips a try:

1. Start waxing the under arm area instead of shaving. Why? Waxing is the best choice because it will remove the hair from the root, leaving no dark marks (this is especially recommended for those of us who have dark colored and or coarse hair).  Shaving does not do this. When shaving, the hair is removed however the root stays beneath the skin - which is what causes the skin to have a darker appearance.

2. Treat the area with baking soda. This can be done two ways: Baking soda can be applied directly to freshly washed skin or by making a paste to use when exfoliating the skin. When making a paste simply take a few teaspoons of baking soda add in a few drops of lemon juice. Apply this mixture to under arm skin allowing it to sit on skin for a few minutes, then wash off completely.

3. Treat the skin with a natural bleaching mixture. This is done by mixing a few teaspoons of plain yogurt with a few drops of lime juice. Similar to using baking soda, this mixture is applied to skin leaving it on for at least 20 min. It is recommended to do this treatment before bathing.

4. When washing under arms always use a gentle loofah - this removes dead skin cells.

5. Avoid applying perfume or any type of fragrance to under arm skin. Doing this will cause the skin to darken over time.

6. Use talcum powder on those days where the temperature is extremely hot.

7. Try to wear clothing made of natural fabrics only. These would be cotton, hemp, bamboo even soy fabrics. Wearing natural fabrics allows the clothing to "breathe" which will help avoid chaffing and irritation to the under arms. Wearing other fabrics, such as polyester or poly-cotton, will do exactly the opposite: trap in the heat causing you to sweat more than normal which will cause the fabric to irritate the skin.

Side Note: IMPORTANT: When using any natural home remedy for preventive care, please be patient! Results can vary, and can take time to appear. But, more importantly - don't give up!

And there you have it! Simple treatments that can be done in the comfort of your home. Now,  there should be NO reason why you shouldn't be able to wear those sexy sleeveless tops during the summer months!

Now it's your turn: How do you take care of your under arm skin? Do you have any suggestions about waxing? 

Please share your ideas and comments with us - we love interacting and hearing from our readers!

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  1. I love this series it is really informative.

    1. I am glad that you found this mini-series to be of some insight. Thank you so much for joining the convo & visiting the site!

  2. I have really pale skin so I have never had a problem with skin darkening but I never thought to exfoliate my armpits before! Im going to have to try that now!

  3. Diane - I hear that from a lot of ladies. We tend to focus mainly on our facial skin the most - but our under arm skin is sensitive, which is why this area of skin needs some attention too! ;) Thank you for commenting and joining the convo.