Thursday, December 11, 2014

Quick Guide: The Rodarte Inspired Messy Braid Photo Tutorial

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Quick Guide: The Rodarte Inspired Messy Braid Photo Tutorial

Earlier today we shared an article on the LFD LookBook blog about looking spectacular on NYE without having to brake the bank which got me thinking about hairstyles. True enough, a beautiful designer dress will without a doubt make you look and feel gorgeous, but it's always those special touches that pull a look together. By "special touches" I am referring to our hair, because let's be real: if yo' hair ain't did, ain't no dress in this world gonna make you look gorgeous!    AmIrite?

Thanks to guest contributor Steph Brinkerhoff  at, we will no longer have to stress about how our hair could be looking on NYE, because today we are learning how to create The Rodarte Messy Braid in seven easy to follow steps.

messy braid photo tutorial

Quick Guide:

1. Beginning on wavy hair, take a medium to large section (depending on how thick your hair is) close to your right ear.

2. Braid the section going from the front to the back.

3. Repeat on the opposite side.

4. Bring both braids to the back and secure them with an elastic.

5. Loosen and mess up both braids by pulling on them gently with your fingers.

6. Take one braid and wrap it up and around itself, creating a small braided bun.

7. Secure with bobby pins.

Side Note: 

According to Steph Brinkerhoff,  "It’s best to start on wavy or second-day hair to give the look added texture. It also doesn’t hurt to spray a little hairspray or spray wax in it beforehand to add a little grip and grunge."

Did I mention how simple this messy braid photo tutorial is?  All it takes is seven steps to create a messy braid hairstyle fit for any NYE event.  If you were still thinking about getting a dress for NYE, go and check out that article I mentioned earlier - Look Spectacular on NYE with Rent the Runway- for a few recommendations and a special offer from RTR. 

Special thank you goes to both Steph Brinkerhoff and for sharing this photo tutorial. 

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