Monday, December 8, 2014

Four Creative Ways to Regain Your Freedom to be Spontaneous

Today’s article regarding having the freedom to be spontaneous when #TheMoodStrikes is part of a shop that has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All details and or opinions are mine alone as this is part of my personal story. #CollectiveBias 

For most of us who are in a committed relationship, making an effort to spend quality time with your significant other can sometimes feel like a daunting task. I know from experience that it is hard to stay connected, especially when both spouses have demanding jobs, your kid(s) need attention and everything else in life finds its way into your daily routine. 

But, with a little thought and creative planning, keeping a strong connection with your better half can be achieved. Today, I will share a few tips that I know for a fact will turn things around and help you regain that freedom to be spontaneous when #TheMoodStrikes. 



The very first step in reconnecting is to share schedules. For me, this step is super easy because Mister Man leaves a copy of his weekly schedule on the kitchen table every Thursday night. When I wake up first thing in the morning on Friday, while sipping my morning cup of café, I take his schedule and copy it to my business calendar. Doing this gives me a chance to look for any gaps where both of us may have an opening at the same time. 

For example, Mister Man works crazy hours, typically arriving home around 1:00 AM. For the most part, at that time I am deep in La-La Land unless I’m up processing client orders. In the event that I am awake whenever he arrives home, I will take the opportunity to sit downstairs and chit-chat with him while he eats his dinner. We may only spend about 30 minutes together, but we do try our best to take advantage of the few minutes we have before we both call it a night, or shall I say morning. 


Of all the tips I am sharing, this has to be the easiest of them all. Why? All you will need is one thing: a box of K-Y® Liquibeads. I know you’ve heard of this brand before, and most likely have used some of their other products, but let me explain why you need these K-Y® Liquibeads in your life. 

With both my husband and I having such opposite schedules, there comes a time when I need to be ready, able and wanting without prior notice. Mister Man is a pro at creeping under the covers early in the morning while I’m fast asleep. For the most part, I have no issues with him doing that, HOWEVER sometimes my body just likes to remain asleep. 

Knowing that this can happen, I like to make a conscious effort to plan ahead by using the K-Y® Liquibeads. These are intended to be used at least 30 min before your intimate encounter. In my case, I use one every few days, so when #TheMoodStrikes, my body is 100% on point with no rough struggle needed (not that the struggle is unwanted … but we can discuss that another day). 



Allow me to point out that using the K-Y® Liquibeads is fool-proof and it only takes a few seconds. Inside each package there are 6 OVULE Inserts (beads) along with a disposable applicator for each bead. There is absolutely no science to inserting these beads with the applicator – it is exactly the same as inserting a tampon. 

If you can do that, you can use the K-Y® Liquibeads. 

Where can you find the K-Y® Liquibeads? Good news is, you don’t have to hunt this product down. K-Y® Liquibeads can be found at most pharmacies and retailers. 

For my local Columbus Oh readers, I was able to grab a box while shopping at the Target in Polaris. If you go directly to the Healthcare section of the store, you will see them in the aisle next to the feminine care products. EASY. 

{Important: This product should not be used during pregnancy or while nursing.}


This tip will vary depending on your personal situation. If you have the time available to plan a mini-date then go for it (this would be the perfect time to use the K-Y® Liquibeads!). 

Keep in mind, a mini-date does not need to be complicated. It can be as simple as going out for café or maybe even going out for drinks. On the rare occasion that Mister Man has a weekday off, after rolling around in the bedroom, we like to continue our day by going to the nearest café then going shopping together. I know this is not the same as going out on a regular date, say dinner and a movie, but it sure beats not spending any time together. 


Your family life at this time may be super crazy, but try to remind yourself that this situation will eventually pass. Both you and your spouse will probably not be this busy forever – there will come a time when even the dust settles, giving you plenty of opportunities to spend quality time with one another without any major distractions. 

Please, take it from me: do not allow yourself to feel sad. Instead, be happy and grateful for every spare minute you do share together. Shifting your thoughts and feelings will really help you make the most of your time together. 

Most importantly, do not forget to pick up a box of K-Y® Liquibeads – these will come in handy by turning your one-on-one encounters into a special occasion.

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Do you find yourself in a similar situation with your spouse? How do you make time to regain your freedom to be spontaneous? Share your advice for others who can also relate!


  1. These are some GREAT Tips! I love how candid you are about the KY Liquibeads! They are a game changer for SURE. My husband is 7 years younger than me and he still likes to play. A lot. I'm just not as ready as quickly as he is, but Liquibeads really help get things going. It sounds a lot like our men have similar schedules too. Mine is a restaurant manager and gets home super late at night. Why is he always ready as soon as I'm asleep? :) #client

    1. I'm so happy you enjoyed the few tips - It's not always easy being "ready to go" at crazy hours, but you're so right: Liquibeads make all the difference! Thank you for stopping by the blog & posting such a sweet comment ;)