Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Beauty Guide: How to Apply Your Skin-Care Products

Learning how to apply your skin-care products may sound trivial, but knowing the best method to do this should be considered as something important. 

Think of it this way - skin-care products are not exactly cheap. Even if you choose to use drugstore brands, these products will still cost you on average about $10 - $25 + depending on the brand you purchase from. And that cost is just for one product alone. We all know that the average woman uses at least a minimum of 3 -4 skin-care products everyday. 

So, if you are going to be spending money on several skin-care products every 30 days or so, you might as well learn how to get the most benefit from them.  ( gurl, you want to get yo' monies worth, right?!)

To give you a step-by-step guide, Total Beauty created the following info-graph: 

The Only Way Ever to Apply Your Skin-Care Products

Beauty Guide: How to Applu Your Skin-Care Products - The Daily Fashion and Beauty News

This is certainly the only skin care application guide you'll ever need to refer to. By following this user-friendly guide, you will be on your well on your way to seeing the many benefits of your skin care products.

Were you already following any of these steps?  How do you apply your skin care products?  

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