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MOTD Spotlight : Starlooks Looksbook

MOTD Spotlight: Starlooks LooksBook - The Daily Fashion and Beauty News

Happy Saturday Beautiful ;) 

You may be surprised to see that a new article is being posted on the weekend, but it just so happens that there is a very good reason why. 

But, before getting into that .... 

If you follow me on Instagram (@latinflavadesigns) you may have seen the above photo shared about three days ago. In the post, I shared that everything in this photo was used to create my MOTD (makeup of the day).  Some of these products just happen to be staples in my makeup collection, but three of them were received a few weeks ago and have quickly become favorites. 

The three makeup products I am referring to were received in my most recent Starlooks - The Looksbook Box: Skin Perfecting Blush in "Rose Gold", "High Life" Liquid Illuminator and lastly, Eye Pencil in "Noir". 

Let's begin with the Skin Perfecting Blush in "Rose Gold" 

This limited edition blush is described as "soft, all-in-one highlighting, bronzing, and shimmering blush powder". 

When describing this blush, I would have to agree with the description above.  The formula is pigmented, not glittery or overly metallic. 

Application is very easy. I like using a dual fiber stippling brush to apply this on the upper part of my cheeks. 

The rose gold color is perfect for creating a bronzy cheek. 

Next up: "High Life" Liquid Illuminator "

For the most part, I tend to stay away from liquid highlighters, but I did give this one a try. 

Although this limited edition highlighter comes in a tube, using the doe foot applicator allows for precise application across the top of your cheeks, under the arch of your eyebrow,  even on the top of your cupids bow. 

I have used this in all three places and I really liked it. I was pleasantly surprised that this liquid/cream highlighter worked extremely well on oily skin. 

Lastly : "Noir" Longwear Eye Pencil

For long-wearing power, kohl pencils are the best to use - this one is no different. 

The formula is super creamy, highly pigmented and lasts on the eyes like no ones business. 

I used this to tight-line my upper eyelid and not only did it glide on beautifully, it did not smudge, burn my eyes, transfer onto my contacts or fade away. 

Even the swatch I made on my arm didn't want to come off - I had to scrub it off ;) 

My favorite (and yours, I hope) part: swatches: 

Swatches from bottom : High Life , Noir Longwear Pencil, Rose Gold Blush

Now that you have seen photos of my new favorite Starlooks makeup products, allow me to fill you in on their new box : LooksBook 

Each LooksBook by Starlooks will contain fashion forecasted, pro quality, HD photo-compatible color Perfect Size® cosmetics tucked into a convenient, educational 'Book'.(Side Note: These Perfect Size® cosmetics are not sample size - rather 3/4th's of a full size product, perfect for traveling, or carrying around in your makeup bag.)

To become an exclusive LooksBook member, visit Starlooks website HERE

As a member, you'll receive your very own makeup box delivered to your door each month for only $12 / month + FREE domestic shipping. 

Each box will have: 
  • three (3) Perfect Size® Starlooks pro cosmetic products
  • a travel size "book" to carry your three makeup items in (this will help keep your makeup clean, safe and travel friendly)
  • tips + tutorials on how to apply the makeup like a pro

Now it's your turn: 

What type of HD pro quality makeup are you looking forward to receiving in your future LooksBook box?  

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