Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Anti-aging Foods for Beautiful Skin

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Every woman today does it. Some women go to extremes when they do it. Other women dream of having the sources at their disposal so they can do it.

Do you have an idea as to what every women does that makes us all have this one thing in common?

The answer is simple: Every woman at one point or another, are on a personal quest to stop the effects of aging.

Yes, we are all guilty of "doing it". Some women spend money trying to reclaim their youth by going "under the knife". Not to say that I am against it because I am not. I will say that I am in the group of women that would much rather turn to less abrasive methods than the knife. Why? Easy, you hardly ever end up looking as beautiful after surgery then the way you looked before it! That is of course, my personal opinion.

Okay, so how can we stop or at least slow down the inevitable aging process?

I am not a doctor or a know it all, but I do read a lot. I have found that much of what we consume on a daily basis will either do us good, or do us harm. Well, we all know that, right? But what foods in particular are we talking about? 

I came across an email late last night from eatingwell.com  One of the websites writers, Brierley Wright, wrote an article that grabbed my attention, "Anti-aging Foods for your skin". In her article, Brierley listed six (6) foods that can be beneficial in helping us retain youthful looking skin.

Here is the list of foods:

1. strawberries
2. tomatoes
3. tofu
4. tuna
5. coffee
6. cocoa

Are you surprised? Out of the six foods, I was aware of two: strawberries and cocoa. I had no clue that coffee could be considered as good for our skin! Did you?

When I look at this list of foods it appears to be that this is an easier, and cheaper way of consuming "anti-aging" ingredients that could help nourish our skin rather than sitting in a cold sterile room waiting to get sliced and diced by a plastic surgeon! Not to mention the fact that, most of us probably do not have that kind of disposable income for surgeries - but it would be nice!

Wouldn't you agree?

Now it's your turn: What's your take on anti-aging? Would you rather seek medical intervention? or perhaps go the "natural" route? Please share your thoughts, inquiring minds would like to know...

To read the entire article written by Brierley Wright, please visit eatingwell.com

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  1. Good article, it is the case that we will as we get older become totally fascinated with aging and how to slow down the process. I doubt we will ever see a fountain of youth or immortality but with good diet, exercise and a skin care regime we can look younger for longer.