Saturday, May 26, 2012

Our Favorite Arm Candy by Made It!


In 1 word-CHIC!

This Spring has been all about the "arm-candy", 0ne of the easiest of trends that can be worn by everyone. There are so many different styles to wearing "arm candy" its almost impossible to choose a favorite style.

Choosing our favorite has been a difficult a choice as any, but we have Made It!  In black, gold and plum:

Made It! Black
Made It! Gold
Made It! Plum

We are completely obsessed with these lightweight leather bangles from Made It! These bangles look so on trend with antique gold accent bars, which showcase a style all your own when you wear them in multiples or even singles with any outfit you choose, you can even pair these with other types of bangles or bracelets you  have in your collection...

It's all about wrist parties this season!

Special Note Just for You: Want to rock a pair of these Made It! Leather Bangles? Get a set of 10 bangles today for 75% off! These bangles retail for $35, but your price is only $9!  Not to mention that there is FREE SHIPPING!

As always, it's so important for me to tell you how excited I am to be able to bring these special fashion events to my readers and their friends! Please stay tuned as we have a few other specials to share with you during this weekend ~ Can't wait for all my wonderful fashionistas to see them!


  1. 75% off sounds like a great deal! Those are really cute too!

    1. Right? Sometimes it's so hard to come by a good steal like this one!

      Thank you for joining the convo ;)

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    2. I agree - a cute find for under $10! Thank you for joining the convo ;)

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    1. I completely agree. Thank you for joining the convo and sharing the post! ;)