Monday, September 10, 2012

What You Didn't Know About: bagblaze

Of all the fashion accessories a women has, there is one accessory a woman needs on a daily basis. Do you know what that accessory is? If you haven't figured it out yet, we are referring to the Handbag.

Finding a fashionable yet high quality handbag can sometimes be a challenge. Not all handbags are made equal - and that's a fact!

With so many online shopping sites to choose from, finding that one handbag that fits our fashion style can be either a-hit-or-miss. The last thing you want to happen is that you purchase a handbag online - anxiously awaiting its arrival - then when the handbag arrives, you notice that the handbag is everything you DON'T like! I have had this happen to me before and let's just say I was no happy camper.

So, what's the solution to avoiding this type of fashion "casualty" from happening? A company called: bagblaze.

Bagblaze is an online retailer focused on providing a wide variety of trendy, fashion forward handbags at competitive prices. Most of the handbags offered on bagblaze are conveniently priced around $39.95 - however there is also a Daily Special offered showcasing a particular handbag on sale for that one day.

Here is a video explaining what these "Daily Specials" are and how they work:

While browsing their online site, we noticed that bagblaze has quite the selection of merchandise. Among some of the items, you will notice handbags suited for every type of situation:

"From dressy satchels to slouchy hobos for happy hours to evening clutches for date nights and casual totes for the workplace or everyday carryall handbag.."

It is fitting to say that bagblaze definitely understands the importance of having a highly fashionable handbag - without sacrificing quality.  We are not the only ones who think this way - bagblaze has been featured in Issues of People, InStyle, and Glamour magazines.

This is one of the many reasons why we are extremely excited to share the good news that we have recently entered into a partnership with bagblaze - with YOU in mind!

What does this mean for our fashion savvy readers and subscribers?

It means that in the next week or so, we will have the chance to review one of their high fashion handbags - share our findings with you and host a fashion handbag giveaway event where you will have a chance to win a FREE bagblaze handbag and have it shipped directly to YOU!

How sweet is that? Are you as excited as we are?!?

In the meantime, let me invite you to take a sneekpeak at the wide selection of fashion handbags bagblaze has to offer by checking out this post on our facebook page 

Now it's your turn: Were you able to get your special invitation? Of all the fabulous handbags, which one fits your fashion style? Let us know in the comments!


  1. oh I am loving the Sally Clutch! I'll be back for more tomorrow, love!!!

    1. The Sally Clutch is gorge! It can easily be used for an evening out or a special event... Sally's a must have!

  2. The bags are great. Love the Kathrynne tote. I think I'm due for a new one! ;)

    1. The Kathrynne Tote is perfect for everyday - It's not only stylish but has room for practically anything you need to carry with you while running errands!

  3. I am with Kelli, I like the Kathrynne totes!

    1. Lisa, I don't blame you! The Kathrynne Tote is really amazing - Not to mention the colors she comes in!

  4. I love the Arabella Hobo in the brighter colors!