Friday, December 28, 2012

Bring in 2013 with the Latina Lifestyle Bloggers {Photo Challenge}

Hello to all my dearest Beauties!

I hope that your holidays were filled with love, happiness and many blessings. As we move forward into a New Year, I wanted to use this opportunity to invite everyone to join the Latina Lifestyle Bloggers in our first photo challenge of 2013. 

Event Dates: January 1st - January 31st

What do you need to participate in this photo challenge?
A camera – Yes, a camera is necessary! Any camera will do – your smart-phone camera, a DSLR camera, iPhone, Ipad...anything that can take a decent looking photo. Just make sure that you are able to upload the photo so you can share it via social media.

Okay, so you took the photo, now what? 
Share it, please! We want to see and share your creativity!

Where can you share your photo?
Twitter - Upload your photo in a tweet - write a creative caption - tag it with hashtag #llblogphotooftheday and share. {for a chance at being retweeted tag @latncookndiva in your tweet!}
Pinterest - Upload your photo - pin it to one of your boards - describe your pin then tag it with #llblogphotooftheday
Facebook - If you have a facebook fan page or personal page please feel free to upload your photo there. Just make sure you tag @LatinaLifestyleBloggersCollective and {llblogphotooftheday}.
Instagram - Take your photo - tag it using #llblogphotooftheday - Hit share.
Your Blog - If you have a blog or a website, you can add your photos to your feed or in a blog post's your blog so you can choose how you want others to see your photos! Please use tag #llblogphotooftheday

IMPORTANT:  You MUST use #llblogphotooftheday when sharing your photo via social media. If the hashtag is NOT used, your photo will not qualify to be entered in the grand prize drawing. {See following paragraphs for details}

Note: If you are unsure about using Instagram, then don't use it. It is NOT mandatory to use Instagram in order to participate in this event. You decide where and how you wish to share your photos!

You have shared your photos via social media, now what?
Submit your photo to us by filling out a simple form. {HERE}
You are allowed to submit one (1) photo for each day you are participating in - So, the more active you are in taking photos, the more chances you have of winning!

Why fill out this form if your sharing the photo via social media?
Because there are going to be prizes for participating in this event! After the event closes on January 31st, we will be selecting FIVE (5) Grand Prize Winners*. The winners will be selected by using - This will ensure that EVERYONE who SUBMITS their photos will have a fair chance at being selected as a winner.

What type of prizes are up for grabs?
A bottle of wine provided by one of our sponsors, Vino Latino
Aveeno Skin Care products
CoverGirl Cosmetics.... and more items are being added, so please stay tuned for a complete list coming soon!

What if you forget what the daily prompt is?
No worries! Just come back to this blog post and catch up by referring to the top photo. If you like, please fell free to save the photo onto your desktop this way you have the photo with you to refer back to it anytime you need to!

Now that you're excited and worked up, let's recap:

  • Take photo for the prompt of the day 
  • Share your photo via social media using hashtag #llblogphotooftheday
  • Submit your contact information to be included in the Grand Prize Drawing

Final Thoughts: 
We really hope that after reading these super easy guidelines you are excited to join us in the upcoming Bringing in 2013 with Latina Fashion Lifestyle and Beauty Bloggers Photo Challenge! All of us are looking forward to having this photo challenge. Who knows, you just might make some new friends, connect with lost friends or just have fun being creative with your camera!

The five (5) grand prize winners will be selected during the first week of February 2013. Once these have been selected, they will be notified via email. The selected winners will have five (5) business days to submit their shipping information - if this is not received, we will have no other choice but to assume the individual does not want their prize, therefore we will select another winner. If you are among those who are selected as winners, please note that the prizes will be shipped during February - please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. This photo challenge event is not part of Instagram or any other social media outlet. For questions, suggestions or if your are interested in sponsoring a prize please send an email to rosamaria (dot) sanchezpellot (at) gmail (dot) com

Now it's your turn:  Are you excited to join the Latina Lifestyle Bloggers 2013 photo challenge event?  Do you have your cameras ready?