Monday, December 10, 2012

Motivational Monday Quotes to Live by

Rise and Grind Beauties!

A new week has started therefor it is time to get up and MOTIVATED! For today's Motivational Monday post I wanted to share a photo I came across on Facebook this morning. I truly believe that if we all put this quote into practice on a daily basis - we are going to see a lot of positive changes within our daily lives.  So why wait until the new year? Let's do this TODAY!

Take a look at this simple yet powerful Motivational Monday Quote To Live By:

Now it's Your turn: Will YOU try to live out this quote? If so, how will you start doing so? Please share your comments, ideas, suggestions and opinions with us in the comments below - We really do love hearing from YOU!

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  1. Thank you for sending me your blog link!

    I love this quote:)

    Personal Blog:

  2. I try to live this way everyday.. but sometimes.. the wind gets knocked out of my sale. LOL

  3. I love this quote! It actually makes me think of one of my favorites "Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary"

  4. I should try to live more that way.

  5. I like this quote! It is totally me!

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