Monday, April 1, 2013

Literary T-Shirts and Posters by Litographs {Review}

The following review is brought to you by Litographs. All opinions and photos are 100% my own.


As most of you know, I have mentioned many times before today, that I am a die hard bookworm. I learned to read at a very young age, {about two years even before I started Kindergarten} and along with learning the alphabet, came a healthy curiosity for reading. I believe that reading a book can be more entertaining than sitting in front of TV watching how other people decide to live out their lives. {I'm not saying that I don't watch some of the reality shows, because there are a few shows that I do record on the DVR so I can catch up on them during my downtime, okay?}

Now that we have that settled, let's get back to the topic at hand: reading.

Some of my favorite authors are VC Andrews, Paulo Cohelo, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Charles Darwin {Yes, Mr. Evolution himself, although I would like to point out that he was actually a Naturalist!} and so many others. If you haven't noticed by the list of different authors, I will read almost anything with a title on it. The simple act of reading, in my opinion, allows the mind to reach past its infinite imagination while entering and experiencing the world other than the way we {the person reading the book} are living it.

With that being said, let me ask you this:

Do you have a favorite book or author? If so, would you dare to wear their book or have their book displayed in a unique way?

I certainly would. The wonderful people at Litographs actually make this possible.

Take a look at this T-Shirt pictured below:

Litographs Gatsby T-Shirt

Appears to be a simple white T-Shirt with black lettering on it, right?   Take a closer look:

gatsby t-shirt lettering

If you haven't noticed it yet, those amazing black letters are actually the exact words written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, in The Great Gatsby. This one of a kind v-neck cotton T-Shirt has the entire story of The Great Gasby printed on its fabric, covering the front and back. When I saw the T-Shirt folded so nicely in the sealed bag it arrived in, I honestly did not want to open it. I was so taken back by the T-shirt it is almost indescribable.

But, for the sake of this review {and for fashion} I wore the T-Shirt...and Loved it.

gatsby t-shirt outfit of the day

The T-Shirt Gatsby that I am wearing is in size Small. It has a deep v-neck and is very fitted - the exact same way I prefer to wear my cotton T-Shirts.

Not only does Litographs take the time in printing these one of a kind t-shirts, but they also print books onto posters.

sense and sensibility poster

The poster I received for this review is Sense and Sensibility by by Jane Austen. Taking a closer look at the poster and reading the very first line that said: "Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen (1811) Chapter One ...." I nearly fainted! The very first thing I did that evening was buy a frame for it. Now I have the entire Sense and Sensibility novel displayed quite nicely in my brand new office space.

The poster looks so fabulous I have decided to order a few more of these posters to display around the house. However, that's not the only reason why.

The founder of Litographs, Danny Fein, has partnered with the International Book Bank to send one new, high-quality book to a community in need for each t-shirt and poster his company sells. So not only is Danny Fein able to share his love for classic literature with his customers by selling these books printed on T-Shirts and Posters, he is also giving back to others who may not have had the opportunity to read these books as well.

That's what I call "paying it forward."

For a list of all the classic books that are printed on T-Shirts and Posters, please visit Litographs main website HERE.

Now it's YOUR turn? 

Go to - browse through their selection and place an order so you too, can have the pleasure of receiving your favorite book printed on a T-Shirt or Poster as well as help the International Book Bank.

Use this special reader discount code: FITZGERALD and get 15% off at checkout. Don't forget! Come back and share what you ordered with us!

Disclosure: This review was made possible by Litographs. All opinions stated in this post are 100% my very own.


  1. I love the book cover onto posters! I'd love to hang some of those in our home - all the classic literature!

    1. Debbie - That's exactly what I did. I took the poster and placed it in my home office. I love seeing it hanging on the wall every time I enter the office.

  2. Replies
    1. Shauna - I completely agree! Their tees are adorable - it's hard to choose just one!

  3. Okay I love the shirt and the poster! Such a cool idea!

    1. Sara - After visiting their site and seeing all the different posters, I thought the same thing: such a cool and innovative way to keep printing all the classic stories. Thank you for commenting!

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  8. Hey Mia, I really enjoyed reading your review about! I know you posted this a few years ago, but I was wondering how difficult (or easy!) it is to read the posters?? Is the print extremely tiny, or can the average eye manage to make out the text?

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