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Seven Tips to Beat the Summer Heat #PerlierOnHSN

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tips for women beat summer heat

When the weather gets warm, everyone wants to enjoy a little fun in the sun. Whether your job or your leisure activities have you spending a lot of time out of doors, you might want to learn a few tips about beating the heat.

Are you wondering why you need to know these tips?

One Answer: The sun burns more than a million times hotter than what we feel. When its radiation reaches us it is manageable, but it can still do damage to your body.

The skin is not the only part of you that is affected, even though it is a large problem. Lots of time spent in the sun, especially without protection, can damage both the inner as well as the outer layers of your skin. Not to mention that extensive exposure to the sun will make you age faster - NO ONE wants that!

Before going into the seven tips to beat the summer heat, I want to introduce you to one of the "coolest" beauty products out there that will certainly help you to combat the summer heat. {And yes, the pun was intended!}

perlier italian lemon sorbet

Perlier Lemon Sorbet Refreshing Ice Granita is a cooling crackling body water in a spray bottle. As you can imagine by the name, the product smells just like a freshly made fruity lemon sorbet.

Two weeks ago, right after a way too long outdoors work out session, I decided to give this body water spray a try.

 Here is the instavideo I made showing you exactly how easy it is to use this product:

This body water when sprayed onto your skin, appears like foam. As the foamy water touches your skin, you IMMEDIATELY feel a cooling sensation while hearing the water crackle and pop. The sensation was a little unexpected at first, but as you begin to rub the water into your skin, it immediately dissolves, moisturizing your skin. So, not only will you instantly cool down, your skin will also be soft to the touch.

Keeping the Perlier Lemon Sorbet Refreshing Ice Granita  in mind, let's share  seven tips to beat the summer heat:

1. Wear light colored clothing – Dark colors absorb heat. You could be raising your temperature by several degrees before you even start any type of activity. Choose lightweight fabrics that breathe like cotton. Another option is breathable synthetics like fitness wear that is made to wick away the moisture from your body.

2. Wear sun protection – If you don’t want to block out all of the sun’s rays, then at least wear sunscreen. It will protect you from the more harmful ultraviolet rays. Try a formula that is waterproof so that when you sweat it won’t wash off.

3. Plan activities for certain times – Plan on going outdoors when the sun isn’t highest in the sky. That would be early in the morning, later in the afternoon, or in the evening after the sun has gone down.

4. Drink plenty of water – Hydration is very important anyway, but especially when the weather is warm. You lose water through your skin as sweat and through urination. The body can’t function as well when the fluid levels are low. Lack of water can lead to serious heat-related illnesses.

5. Use your air conditioning in the car – People think that running the air conditioning uses up a lot of gas. Truth be told, having the windows down for ventilation creates a drag that causes your car to use more gas than if the windows were up. And, the air is actually cool.

6. Take a cool shower – When you come in, take a shower or a dip in the bath using tepid water. It can lower your body temperature, especially when you have been working hard outside.

7. Eat light – No one wants a heavy meal on their stomach when the temperature rises. Try sandwiches, fruits and vegetables. Lower your salt intake to prevent water retention and bloating.

To end this list, here is a BONUS tip for You:

8. Use Perlier Lemon Sorbet Refreshing Ice Granita in the morning for a fruity splash of "cooling" energy or at night to help remove any tiredness or heat you may have experienced during the day. Another way to use this cooling body water is to put it in the fridge a few minutes before applying.

I hope you find these simple tips useful this summer. As the summer season continues, there will be plenty of days when Perlier's new Lemon Sorbet Crackling Ice Body Water will by no doubt come in handy!

Here's how You too can get Your hands on this Summer Must Have beauty product: 

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Disclosure: As a member of iFabbo I was provided a complimentary bottle of Perlier's new Lemon Sorbet Crackling Ice Body Water for the purpose of this sponsored review. All opinions, photos and video are 100% my own.  If you opt to purchase this product by clicking on the shared link and using the code provided, I DO NOT receive any form of compensation. 

photo credits: beach stock photo by www.pixmac.com

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