Friday, September 6, 2013

Giving Back Made Simple Thanks to TOMS #OneforOne Movement

I am bringing this post to you through my partnership with TOMS, the TOMS U.S. Giving program and sharing the news about their #OneForOne movement.

You know it's kind of ironic how as soon as a new school year is about to commence, most of us (myself included) tend to get so wrapped up in the activity of going "back to school" shopping, that we tend to forget that there are so many children, right here in the US, that do not have the same luxury that we do.

When you really take a minute to think about it, this is a very unfortunate reality. But, with every unfortunate reality, there is always a silver lining.

In this case, the silver lining is in the form of TOMS.

Blake and a TOMS team return to Argentina in the Summer of 2010 to celebrate the 1 millionth pair of new shoes given.

A few weeks ago, Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS, made an announcement stating that "the company has made a major commitment to children in the United States and through its Giving Partners will give at least one million pairs of new shoes to children in need by the end of 2014.."

That's right.

One of the most coveted shoe brands here in the states has made a promise to give back by helping those who are in need in our very own backyard. Not over seas - here in the US.

How are they going to make this possible?  Easy. TOMS will continue to match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need of shoes - this is what the One for One® movement is all about.

By now, you may wondering where the donated shoes are going and what these shoes may look like.

1,000,000+ Shoes will be given to 35+ states by the end of 2014

Not every child has the same goal, which is why there are three different types of shoes that will be given through the One for One movement. (I would like to make note that these specific shoes are NOT for sale).

Retail companies like TOMS are a great source of inspiration. A brand that strives in making the act of giving back such a high priority, is certainly a brand that I would happily purchase from more than once.

Knowing that I am helping a child in need by buying a pair of TOMS shoes for my own child (as well as a few pairs for me, of course) really does make a difference in the way my family can help others that do not have the same resources that we do. Wouldn't you agree?

Now it's YOUR turn: To find out even more ways, you can participate in the TOMS #OneforOne movement, please visit thier GETTING INVOLVED tab on their main website. 

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