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Fashion Hack: What's Your Style of Sexy?

Fashion Hack: What's Your Style of Sexy? 

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Fashion Hack What's Your Style of Sexy - The Daily Fashion and Beauty News


With Valentines Day two weeks away, it's either now or never.  The time has come to purchase that one piece of lingerie that will make February 14th - or any other day - a special occasion. 

Instead of giving you a long list of  lingerie recommendations (don't worry, there will be a future article on that coming soon) this time I want to not only make it fun, but super simple and stress-free.  I say "stress free" because with so many different lingerie options to select from , it can get a little over whelming. 

Not this time, though. 

Just in time for Valentine's Day you can take the "What's Your Style of Sexy" quiz featured at True&Co., to find the perfect lingerie to go with your alter ego.  All you have to do is answer a few fun questions and  True&Co. will show you suggested styles based on your quiz results.

Hey..I mentioned this was fun, simple and stress free, right?   I took the quiz and guess who my alter ego is?   Check it out:

Yaaasss! I love this character - she's ballsy, her demeanor oozes confidence and intelligence.

To go along with my new alter ego, Mrs. Smith, these are the style recommendations provided by True&Co:

Gramercy Plus



Honestly, I cannot pick which style of sexy is my favorite. I love all three styles - I'm purchasing all three this weekend. 

Now, it's your turn.  

Fashion Hack: What's Your Style of Sexy?  

Are you a Katniss, Carrie or Mrs. Smith?  To find out who your alter ego is head on over to True&Co. and take the quiz. 

After you get your quiz results (and after you've purchased your favorite lingerie** ;) ) take a minute to head over to the True&Co. blog - there's a chance for you to win a $2500 shopping spree just in time for Valentine's Day! 

**Shipping deadlines for Valentine's Day are as follows:

Regular Shipping Deadline: 02/04
Two Day Shipping Deadline: 02/10
Overnight Shipping Deadline: 02/14

PS.  Please don't forget to come back to this post and share with me who your sexy alter ego is...I'm dying to know!

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