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Men’s Shirts: Which Styles Should Be In your Man’s Wardrobe?

Men’s Shirts: Which Styles Should Be In your Man’s Wardrobe?

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men shirts styles in your mans wardrobe

Earlier this week we shared an article on the LFD LookBook centered on the five button down shirt must have styles every woman should have in their wardrobe. You can read all about it HERE.   As essential as a button down shirt is for us women, when it comes to men’s fashion, a shirt is the one key piece of clothing that can either make a man look polished or completely disheveled.  

Shirts are a foolproof way for a man to reflect his personal style. A quality shirt should be comfortable and can be as basic as a t-shirt or fashionable, elegant and stylish as a button down shirt.  

Men’s Shirts: Which Styles Should Be In your Man’s Wardrobe?


Whether you (or your man) works in an office or not, there will come a time when a dress shirt is required. There are several types of dress shirts to choose from , but having a few classic white and pinstripe dress shirts is really all your wardrobe needs a classic white dress shirt can be worn to the office, out to dinner or to a special event. 

A white dress shirt can be dressed up when paired with trousers or a suit; or with jeans for a more casual look. Lastly, a white dress shirt can be paired with any colored pants or suits.  

A pinstripe dress shirt is just as versatile as a white shirt and can be matched with several different patterned ties for a trendier look or with a pair of jeans for a more formal / casual look.

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An all-purpose shirt can be worn to dressy work related events or semi casual affairs. The two shirts that make this category are checkered shirts and linen shirts.  During the last few months the fashion scene has been covered in gingham and plaid patterns.  

A checkered shirt can be worn with a suit and tie outfit meanwhile a checkered flannel shirt is more casual, however either shirt can be toned down or turned up, it all depends on personal style preference.

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For the warmer months, a linen shirt is a man’s BFF. Linen shirts are made of ultra-thin fabric ideal for keeping your body cool from the heat without appearing sloppy or disheveled.


These shirts are not meant to be worn to the office or formal events which is probably why they tend to be among the most popular in any man’s wardrobe. 

At the top of the list for this category is the all famous basic t-shirt. Nothing beats a plain t-shirt for a casual comfortable look. (Let’s revisit the eye candy in the main photo, shall we? Just one more time?) 
Next up is a “fun t-shirt”, or a tee that is covered in a bold pattern or graphic lettering. These are a great way to show others that you (or your man) don’t take yourself that seriously – hence the name “fun t-shirt”.

For the cooler months, a sweatshirt always comes in handy. The warm thick fabric will keep you comfortable and relaxed. 

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Lastly, every man should have at least one sports jersey in their closet, even if you are not a huge sports fan. A sports jersey is the perfect shirt to wear when you are out with your boys, or when you go to see your favorite sports team play. 


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In conclusion, I hope this article dedicated to men’s fashion was helpful to you. As always, if you have a few must have men’s shirt recommendations of your own, leave them in the comments below. I’d love to see them!


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