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Practical Guide: A Few Simple Ways to #Save4Summer

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A Few Simple Ways to #Save4Summer - The Daily Fashion and Beauty News

There's no question about it: My favorite time of the year is summer break. Both myself and my daughter love enjoying time outdoors, having mini shopping sprees, and sitting in-front of the bonfire at night. 

As of today, we are in week two of our summer break together. All I can say is that as she gets older (she just turned twelve in January), our summer breaks can get a little costly - especially those mini shopping sprees I mentioned. 

So, to make this summer more cost effective (something my dear H. really appreciates) we decided to plan our summer a little different this year. 



This summer we are making the most of it by enjoying activities held right here in the city of Columbus (Ohio). We moved here four years ago and luckily for us, we are within five-ten minutes from Easton Town Center. 

This year there are quite a few activities that she is interested in. So far, she's made plans for us next week to watch Movies by Moonlight (Tuesday nights), Sounds on the Town (Wednesday nights), Easton Farmers Market (Thursday nights) and Fitness Yoga on the Square (Friday mornings). 

All of these events are completely free. The only money that will be spent is if we decide to grab something to eat/drink while we are there. 


Now that we have planned our summer evenings, I thought it would be the perfect time to change our current phone plan.  After doing a little research, both my H. and I opted to switch over to Walmart Family Mobile

The WFM service is only $29.88/month (for the first line), unlimited talk, text and data service plan that includes up to 1G of 4G LTE data. After looking through the display, I decided to purchase the ZTE ZMAX ($179.99 + $25 for the Walmart Starter Packet). 

Of course there were other phone options available that were a little less expensive, but the ZTE ZMAX was the most ideal phone for us to use this summer. 

The ZTE ZMAX has a 5.7" HD touchscreen that displays crisp images, movies and videos. 

This comes in handy during those early mornings when we go for our walks along the Hoover Dam or when we sit on the back deck in front of the bonfire. 

The phone also has built in GPS. This is always a must feature for me. I am not the best at navigating through Columbus. Using this feature on the WFM 4G LTE service has been great - we haven't lost connection while driving - which has happened to me before using other carriers. 

One feature that captured my attention was the built in WIFI / Mobile Hotpsot. Although we are doing our best to have fun this summer, I still have to work at my online boutique. Using this hotspot feature helps me to work on the go. 

Before switching over to WFM, I would just stop at any local coffee shop to work on an order or answer customer emails when needed, but unfortunately there were several times when the connections available were extremely slow. 

Now, I don't have that problem anymore. The WFM 4G LTE service makes connecting my laptop to the phone an easy process. 

Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of this posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer HERE or your local Walmart for current pricing. 


In the event if you are not able to find any free local events to attend this summer in your city, here are a few extra ideas to help you get inspired. 

  • visit friends or family that live out of town - not only will this help you save on hotel fees, but it will also give you time to explore a new city while spending time with loved ones. 
  • last minute bargain air-fares - if you are not too selective about where you and the family want to spend the summer, look for discounted all-in travel packages. 
  • camping - campsites have come a long way over recent years. Most campsites are very comfortable to stay in while still offering budget friendly accommodations

And there you have it: a few simple ways to #save4summer.  Planning a budget friendly summer shouldn't stop you from having fun with the family. Yes, you will need to be a resourceful at times, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy this summer season without overspending. 

What are your plans for summer savings?  Leave a comment and let me know! 

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