Thursday, July 9, 2015

Everyday Lip Color Combo by Starlooks Cosmetics #Starbox

Everyday Lip Color Combo by Starlooks Cosmetics #Starbox - The Daily Fashion and Beauty News

Creating an everyday lip color combo is not that difficult of a task - unless the products you have at hand are not exactly considered as "good quality". 

In my humble opinion, in order to create that easy, effortless everyday lip color combo you need to have pro quality lip products: lip pencil + lip gloss.

When I received my June Starlooks Cosmetics #Starbox , I was pleasantly surprised to see exactly that: a lip pencil and lip gloss in similar shades: 

"Guilty Pleasure" Lip Gloss   and  "Peony" Lip Pencil 

Below are swatches of both the gloss and lip pencil taken in natural lighting. 

Everyday Lip Color Combo by Starlooks #Starbox Swatches - The Daily Fashion and Beauty News

Let's begin with the top swatch which is Guilty Pleasure. 

The gloss is opaque with good pigmentation. The formula is not tacky or greasy feeling. 

Now, Peony - that's another story! This lip pencil has become my favorite. The color pigmentation is concentrated, the formula is extremely creamy - especially for a matte lip pencil. 

To create your everyday lip color combo do the following: 

1. lightly cover your lip with foundation (or powder, concealer - use what you plan on applying onto your skin that day)
2. using Peony begin to lightly over draw your natural lip line. Tip: to make this look "natural" try to stay as close to the outer edge of your lips. 
3. using the same lip pencil, fill in the lips. Side note: You can certainly stop here if you like wearing a creamy matte lip. 
4. apply a dab of Guilty Pleasure gloss to the center of your top + lower lip blending with fingers. 

Ta-da! You have just created a beautiful everyday lip color combo! 

Interested in receiving a Starlooks Cosmetics #Starbox of your very own?  Visit their website here to begin your monthly beauty subscription of pro quality cosmetics.  (and NO, this is NOT an affiliate link)

In addition to the cosmetics that were inside the June #Starbox - there were three (3) gift cards. 

Everyday Lip Color Combo by Starlooks #Starbox gift cards - The Daily Fashion and Beauty News

Starting from top left to bottom right: 

Sasultrachic -  a contemporary apparel and jewelry online retailer. 

ONYX XOXO - a online jewelry retailer with beautiful pieces. 

Nomad Tribe - a fashion apparel retailer that sells modern clothing with a special touch: hand-knitted trim. 

Now comes the fun part: 

I want YOU to help me select which items to purchase from all three sites! That's right.  I am asking you for your expertise in choosing what pieces you would like to see me review on this blog. 

All you have to is visit the specific retailer website (just click on the company name) - take a few minutes to browse around their store and pick your favorite item. 

Once you have done that, come back to this post and share the item / and or link below in the comments. 

That's it. 

So are you ready to join in on the fun?   Ready....Get Set.....GO!! 

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