Saturday, February 25, 2012

NY Fashion Week 2012 - Louis Vuitton

Who has not wanted to have a luxury piece of Louis Vuitton in their closet? I would think every woman in America and beyond! Rightfully so, might I add. The designer label, Louis Vuitton, is known for their huge collections in apparel,watches,jewelry, home,and,of course,luggage. But, did you know that the very first Louis Vuitton store front was opened in Paris in 1854? It is amazing that til this day, some 158 years later, this fashion icon is still moving strong without having missed a beat! Another side note to add, did you know Marc Jacobs has also been designing for Louis Vuitton since the late '90's? Interesting...

Spring 2012 Collection

Spring 2012 Slideshow

Fall 2012 Collection

Pre-Fall 2012 Slideshow

Where To Buy
Louis Vuitton, Barneys New York

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