Thursday, March 8, 2012

15 Tips To Help You Look Younger

What woman do you know wants to look her age? Do you? Of course not! We are always on the “look-out” for the next best item to buy to see if it helps with our trouble areas. Sometimes it works, other times it may not. So, the question still remains: Are there any tips that I can follow to help keep father time at bay?

For starters, let look at a few things we can do with our fashion styling that can actually help us look younger:

1. Do not wear clothing with pleats – Flat pants hide the tummy area best.

2. Wear blouses with three quarter sleeves, or just roll up longer sleeves to expose the thinnest part of the arm.

3. Make sure you are wearing the correct bra size – this is a MUST in order to prevent the two things us women despise the most: sagging boobies and back fat. So if you think you should go get fitted – DO IT!

4. Learn to wear and love shapewear undergarments – these can turn into your new best friend. I would know – I have plenty and in all colors! Shapewear helps give you a smooth looking figure which also helps with your clothing fitting you properly.

5. If you have trouble with “back fat” the best way to conceal it is to wear a long cardigan paired with a V-neck t-shirt underneath. Wear it open as if it were a jacket – Just make sure that the cardigan does not swallow your frame.

6. Give your legs a mini-makeover: Slather on a tainted body moisturizer or glow bronzing moisturizer. No need to over indulge in it, just applying a simple coat to legs can do wonders by adding definition and hydrating your skin.

7. Try to “dress taller”: This is done by wearing one single color starting from the waist down. In other words: match your hosiery and shoes to the color of your pants/skirt/shorts. If wearing something knee length, avoid wearing chunky shoes or ankle strap shoes as these will immediately make you appear to be shorter.

8. Try to draw attention to areas of the body you are most proud of by wearing bold accessories. Example: wearing a bold necklace draws attention to the face.

9. Stand up straight! Walk with confidence – Head held high for a younger looking body.

10. Add color to your wardrobe – try wearing pieces with color instead of all black. This can be done easily with a scarf, belt, sweater, or even a jacket.

11. Maintain your nail length – Your nails should not be longer than ¼ inch beyond your fingertip. Why you ask? Longer fingernails are usually looked as being old-ladyish.

12. Avoid wearing mom jeans as if they were the plague! Do yourself a favor by wearing jeans that are either straight or bootleg in a dark wash. Most importantly: Avoid the dreaded Muffin-Top by wearing jeans that have a waistband that sits just below the belly button.

13. Try to “manage” your middle – Let’s face it, we don’t all have the washboard abs we wish we had so instead let’s manage our love handles. This can be done by wearing shapewear designed to slim the waist, wear a push up bra to lift the boobies up – this helps balance out the torso area, and wearing dresses with an empire waist help by emphasizing the smaller part of the torso right beneath your bust.

14. Add shine and gloss to your hair. Everybody wants glossy hair – you’ve seen the commercials!

15. Brighten your smile – Yes, regular use of whitening products on our teeth can help keep our smile looking younger and flawless.

Now It's Your Turn: Do you have any style tips for looking younger? 

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