Friday, March 9, 2012

Are You Ready for The Hunger Games?

Although, one of the most anticipated movies to be released this year, The Hunger Games, will not be seen in theaters until later this month - March 23, there is still time to get wrapped up in the excitement of getting fashionably prepared for this movie premier.

To help us do just that, Sally Beauty is currently selling a collection of nail polishes geared toward this movie. The brand known as China Glaze has partnered with Lionsgate Films, releasing their China Glaze Hunger Games Nail Lacquer Collection.

The collection has a grand total of 12 hypnotic shades. Every color from Lux and Lush to Smoke and Ashes! China Glaze has pulled together a nail color for all 12 districts mentioned in the Hunger Games Novel.

But, please do not take my word for it!  To give you an idea of what these look like, take a quick peek at the photo I received below:

All 12 shades of China Glaze Hunger Games Nail Lacquer Collection can be purchased online. Now,  if you are like me, who prefers to see the product up close, you can go to your nearest Sally Beauty store to get your very own Hunger Games Collection Nail Lacquer.

Now It's Your Turn: Which District Shade is your favorite? Which shade will you be wearing on premier night?

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