Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Belated Jewel Day!

Everyone here at The Daily Fashion & Beauty News would like to wish all our special Luvlys a very Happy Belated Jewel Day!

Yes, yesterday was Happy Jewel Day. Are you surprised? We hope so! Jewel Day can be celebrated today and on any other day you choose to is all up to you!Now, if you are not exactly sure how to celebrate..Let's think about it for a second.

In all reality Jewel Day is a day to either give or receive a piece of jewelry. It is not a date specifically for couples or those who are married. Not at all.It is actually just a day about surprising someone with a special unexpected gift. So the gift can be given to pretty much anyone - even to yourself as a special reward!

Here are a few simple yet trendy gift ideas we found for celebrating Jewel Day:

Decked Out Necklace

Show Off Ring

Wild Blingdom Bracelet
These are just some of our favorite trendy finds that would be the perfect gift to give a close friend on Jewel Day.

Now It's Your Turn: Which of these do you like most? Will you be treating yourself to a special jewelry reward today?

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