Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Home Office Gear Guide for Every #WAHM

Running a business from home is not as simple or as carefree as one would like to believe. However, there are certain things that if used in our home office, working from home can be a little more manageable.

Please take a look at the slideshow composed by the writers at  I am more than positive you will find one of these helpful.  I personally plan on getting item number 10!

Home Office Gear Guide |

Now it's Your Turn:  Which one of these items are you interested in getting for your home office?  


  1. I don't have an office per say, it's more of a corner, but it's mine and I love it! Thanks for the link to the Working Mom article, they had some great product suggestions! It's so great to find you on voiceBoks, I'm now happily following you through Networked Blogs! I look forward to reading and learning more!

    1. Hi Kathy!

      Sorry for the small delay in answering - we've been having tech. issues the last few days. I am glad that you enjoyed the link - this article had a few things that I definitely found to be useful. Hey, a corner is better than nothing! =)

      I am glad you found me and decided to join!! Thank you so very much!!