Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trend Alert: 70's Chic

70's Chic Casual Spring Trend

Today's Trend Alert is all about the 70's Chic Casual Look. I can definitely see why this outfit could be worn to any casual event or worn as an everyday outfit. These pieces are versatile, making them MUST haves in any fashion-istas closet! 

Let's look at it piece by piece:

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This Spring Blazer can be worn with a blouse and jeans, over a simple tank top, even over a colored T-Shirt.

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These are cute Spring Sandals

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A Bohemian inspired bag in soft leather gives you a relaxed yet stylish vibe to your outfit

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Unique Feather Earrings are a classy pair. Every single Feather earring is "unique" because each earring is a leaf - there are NO two leaves alike!

These Spring fashion pieces have made their way on my shopping list.  Cant wait for these to arrive at my doorstep! 

Now it's Your Turn: How are you liking this 70's inspired look? Which items can you see yourself rocking this Spring?

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