Friday, August 17, 2012

Amazing Designer Apparel Outfits Under $100

Happy Friday Fashion-istas! Today we all have an excuse to do some shopping because today we get to celebrate National Thrift Shop Day!

In true fashion, shopping at thrift stores is something that has become quite trendy. Until recently I had never experienced shopping at a thrift store. It just so happens that while running a few errands in the city of Dublin a few weeks ago, my daughter saw this store and asked if we could stop to see what it was like.

So we did.

Going into Platos Closet was an experience. The store was extremely clean and well organized. The clothing is sectioned out by size and color. Among the pieces of clothing, we were able to find quite a few affordable designer pieces. Other than the endless racks of designer labeled clothing, there was a wall of the store dedicated to only accessories - jewelry, handbags, scarves, sunglasses, and everything you can imagine.

Now, it did take us a while to sift through the clothing, however it was worth the hassle. Between my daughter and I, we were able to find a few trendy designer pieces great for her to wear as school outfits.

Here is a list of what we bought:

  • SD II gray Skirt - $3
  • Aeropostale blue Tee - $3
  • Vega Jeans blue-purple leather jacket - $6
  • Aeropostale pink Tee - $3
  • No Boundaries olive Tee - $1.50
  • Forever 21 demin Leggings - $2
  • Spring Street checkered Skirt - $4
  • XXI striped v-neck Tee - $1
  • Nike black & pink Boots - $25
  • Self Esteem plaid Jacket - $15
  • Misc. Accessories - $9 (pink LEI purse, bangles, two leather belts)

To see a slideshow of these outfits please see my article: National Thrift Shop Day: Platos Closet

Now it's your turn: Is there a Platos Closet near you? If not, what thrift stores have you shopped at? Please share your shopping experiences and tips with us - We love to hear from you!


  1. There is no Platos Closet near us. When we lived in San Diego county there was one there, and I am ashamed to say that we never went in because I made good money and we didn't buy second hand. What an idiot right? Well now I would love to have one near by, because even though I still don't regularly shop at thrift stores, I now would and I imagine I could buy a lot more there than I do at the mall for my girls. Life has taught us a lesson...

  2. I understand what you mean! This was the very first time I tried shopping at a Thrift Store. For the most part I usually spend time and money buying her clothes from Justice, Jcp or online. I went in to make her happy since she asked to check it out, little did I know what we were going to find. ;)

  3. I cannot believe that everything was so cheap!! Now I have to see if one is near me.

  4. I love Thrift stores! So sad I miss the day without going to one of them.

  5. we have a Plato's Closet here in Cedar Rapids.It is a great place to shop for teenagers they can get brand name stuff for cheap. Plus you can sell your clothes their too

  6. I love stopping into a thrift store every now and then. I love seeing what I can find for my daughter! Looks like you found a few good deals in there!! :)

  7. I was an avid thrift shopper in the USA and then later when I moved to the United Kingdom, it is one of the many things I miss from being in the USA, the things you find, sometimes rarities and gorgeous pieces.