Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Getting over Hump Day with sneekpeaq

It's Hump-Day Beauties!

Wednesdays can be the most difficult day of the week. It's that one day when moods can be at there very lowest. The thought of  struggling to get everything important taken care of is an instant buzz-kill!  This is something that everyone goes through - But it doesn't have to be that way!

One of the many "guilty pleasures" that we like to indulge in on Hump Day, is checking out what the  daily deals are on  Yes, you guessed it: online shopping is the easiest way to lifting your's an undeniable fact!  Any-who....

Sneekpeeq is an online retailer that has daily offers on every kind of item you can think of. Most of the products that are featured are unique and fashionable. The products that are showcased are from well known brands who specialize in skin care, fashion apparel, jewelry and even household items can be found. So, needless to say,  you will always find that one special find that you just have to buy! Trust me, this is very true - My husband can attest to it ;) 

Really, the best part about sneekpeaq is that not only are there new items featured almost everyday - BUT once you become one of their New Members, you automatically receive a $10 credit plus a free gift just for signing up. It's always nice to get something for FREE, right?

Which brings up the question: What is the featured item today?  Take a look at this MUST have "eyecandy....

Eyecandy coolers are back with their strap-free, chillable eye coolers! These cute little cucumber slices help to rejuvenate the delicate skin around your eyes. Having these on hand are really great - whenever you feel the need to just lay your head back and relax, simply place them on your eyes - and get immediate relief!  Eyecandy coolers are fun, flirty and functional, these are great for your next at-home spa day!

We adore the Classic Chillin' Cucumber eye coolers - they're a great combination of old and new, and yours for only $1 with your $10 New Member Credit!

Additionally... Here is a free gift for becoming a new sneakpeeq member: 

Welcome autumn with open arms and get a look lifted from the pages of October's fashion mags. The Autumn Glow Bracelet has a rustic appeal, perfect for the season's warm sweaters and rich textures. Pair it with wraps, jackets and coats, and watch your cold-weather wardrobe come to life.

Now it's your turn:  Get your FREE Autumn Glow Bracelet while supplies last! Please come back and let us know what items you saw on sneakpeaq that are now your must have products! We look forward to speaking with you!


  1. Thank you! Eye it!!

  2. Looks like a great idea!! Going to check the site out now. Thanks

    1. I agree. I love the idea of having these eyecandy on hand so I can use them at home whenever I need to "distress" ;)

  3. I love SneakPeeq they have great deals

    1. Hi April - Sneakpeeq is really a great site. They always have a special going on; it's hard not to buy something from them...