Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Join the #pintervention Campaign Helping those experiencing Domestic Violence

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October is the month of Awareness. We celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness and Anti-Bullying Month but what about Domestic Violence Awareness?

According to research, one out of four women will experience abuse from their partner at one point or another during their lifetime. To some this statistic perhaps may not be that staggering, but to those of us who have experienced domestic violence firsthand, these numbers are a realization that unfortunately we are not alone.

Having experienced this type of abuse during my 20's, I can openly admit that I do understand what it is like to feel the pain and struggle that involves being in a controlled and abusive relationship. When you are smack in the middle of such abusive chaos, you do not realize the damage that this abuse has on your self-esteem and self-worth. Some people may think think that this abuse is a form of expressing love, but it's not!

There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for this kind of behavior and more importantly, there is NO REASON why anyone (female or male) should TOLERATE this behavior - not matter who the abuse is coming from.True, I realized this truth after living through this experience for several years but one thing always remains a fact: 

Domestic Violence is NOT okay. Domestic Violence is NOT a form of expressing love. Domestic Violence should NOT be taken lightly or brushed off as acceptable behavior.

Screw that!It is time to make changes.

Every woman, no matter what her age is, needs to be told that she is beautiful, that she is stronger than she thinks and that she is worthy of someone who will love, respect and treat her like the precious diamond she is. (Oh,  how I wish I had someone teach me this when I was younger!)

If you are thinking that there is nothing you can do to help someone who is currently living through Domestic Violence, think again. There is plenty you can do! You can start off by doing this:

This is one of the many reasons why I enjoy being part of the mark brand - not just because of their great collection of beauty products and fashion pieces but also because of their dedication in helping  women and working towards making a difference.

Now it's your turn: Take a few minutes from your hectic schedule and please join in on this cause by participating in the pintervention Campaign. You never know who you may be helping! 

Special note: this is not a compensated post. As a mark.rep I received information about the #pintervention campaign and wanted to share this news with my readers in hopes of helping other women who are going through this experience just as I did years ago.  Thank you to all my readers for your endless support!

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