Monday, February 18, 2013

February 2013 SpiceBox : Let the fun begin!

Last month we unveiled the January 2013 SpiceBox from Spicy Subscriptions by sharing a written post filled with photos {Check it out HERE} and on YouTube {Watch it HERE}.

We were extremely excited to hear the news that we were going to be receiving the awaited February Valentine SpiceBox themed: "Let the Fun Begin!" As you can imagine this spice-box was designed to help you have a fantastic and sensual Valentines Day.  Hopefully I have peaked your curiosity, so without further delay, let's take a look at what products were inside this month's Spicy Subscription Valentine SpiceBox.....

february spicebox from spicy subscriptions
"Let the FUN Begin!"  Valentines SpiceBox 

body icing

My Joy Collection Edible Body Icing {FULL SIZE} This is an edible icing that can be applied by using your fingers or paint brush {came included in box}. The jar is 1.5 oz in size and came in their Sensual Strawberry flavor.

body warmer massager
Heart's Desire Warming Massager {FULL SIZE} As seen above, the heart shaped messager has a bend metal disc on the inside that when activated it produces a heat source. The massager heats up to 129 degrees F {which is 54 degrees C}. The messager provides a very gentle yet warm sensation by gliding it gently over the skin. 

benwen balls for women

Ben Wa Balls {FULL SIZE} These Oriental balls are used to help women strengthen their vaginal walls and bladder muscles. {more info to follow after this post,  trust me!}

crazy girl body mist
Crazy Girl body mist {SAMPLE} This sample is a flirty body mist infused with a pheromone sex attractant to entice and inspire sexiness. Inside the sample envelope was a small wet tissue that is used to apply the body mist onto the skin as evenly as possible. The scent of this sample was "pink cupcake."

dona paper rose petals
DONA Rose Petals {FULL SIZE} The plastic container was filled with bright red faux rose petals. 

frolic women lubricant

Frolic Specialty Toy Lubricant for Women {SAMPLE} This product is water based and glycerin free. For topical uses only - this product is not a contraceptive and does not contain spermicide.

hot lips for women

My Joy Collection Hot Lips {SAMPLE} This sample is a flavored massage oil. Made with Shea butter in the Ice Cream Cake Kiss flavor. Massage oil can be applied to several parts of the body providing a tingling sensation.

max protect for men

Max 4 Men Max Protect Moisture Control Balm {SAMPLE} The last sample included in the box is for MEN only. The moisture balm is unscented and pheromone infused - to be applied post shave providing protection to the skin. The balm is sugar free, sulfate free, and paraben free which means that this product can be used by all skin types.

My Findings:

I was surprised to see that there was a sample enclosed for men. Typically, most of the samples and products sent in these monthly subscription boxes are more centered around us women, which is perfectly fine, however it was a nice touch.

The Crazy Girl body mist is something that I would probably purchase for myself. The sample I received was in the "pink cupcake" scent - it smelled just like cupcake batter. Although the aroma was sweet it was not over bearing; and the aroma actually lasted longer than other body mists' I have tried in the past.

The DONA Rose Petals gave the spicebox a "romantic" vibe. There are more than enough petals to cover a good portion of a King sized bed.  The petals are soft and bendable - not like the plastic ones  I've seen! There are several uses for these faux rose petals other than the obvious: place some on the floor creating a trail to something unexpected, draw a bubble bath and place them in the tub to float around the surface of the water, place some on top of the table as decorations for a romantic dinner by candlelight...possibilities are endless.

Spicy Subscriptions really has set the bar very high for other "adult beauty" monthly subscription services. If you were to tally up the total prices of the full sized products that were included in this Valentine SpiceBox, it would easily supersede the amount of the subscriptions itself. Not to mention, that out of all the items, three of them {DONA Rose Petals, Warming Body Messager, and  Ben Wa Balls} have future usage.

Now we are left with the Warming Body Messager, the Body Icing from the My Joy Collection and of course, the Spicy Subscriptions Ben Wa Balls. Please stay tuned for another video revealing along with another post covering everything that needs to be said about the Ben Wa Balls!

Need I say more?  Ah, YES! Now here's something special just for YOU:

For everyone of our readers and friends who Sign up for a Spicy Subscription {HERE} using CODE{latinflavadesigns} will get a SPECIAL DISCOUNT on your Spice Box!! After joining and using your code, please send an email to to let them know you learned about the Spicy Box through LatinFlava Designs. 

Disclosure: Spicy Subscriptions and I have agreed to a partnership where I received a complimentary monthly Premium Spice Box for this review. All opinions and photos are 100% my own. To read our complete disclosure policy please refer to our Disclosure Page at the top of this website. Thank you!


  1. What a fun subscription box! Thanks - I had not heard of this one yet - off to discover more on their site!!

  2. This sounds really interesting-terrific review!

    1. @moo77hb - The February SpiceBox was really fun to get and review. Thank you for the comment!

  3. That looks like a fun box to review. The products look like fun. It is pretty cool they included a sample for the man.

  4. Very cute and flirty. I may have to look into these.

  5. This looks like a neat service. I really should look into it. I do like they have something special for the men as well!

  6. I will def. be checking out the Spice Box!! This looks like so much fun and so convenient to have it delivered to my house

  7. ha! This would be awesome! Especially since you dont have to be seen at the store buying any of it, lol