Wednesday, April 15, 2015

There's Nothing Like Being Your Own Boss

There's Nothing Like Being Your Own Boss 

This is compensated collaboration between ANDREA and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Becoming your own boss can be a very liberating experience, especially if your self-employment revolves around things that you truly enjoy. Nowadays, turning one of your hobbies into an actual paying business is easier than you think. 

Let's say, for example, you have an ongoing love affair for stylish clothing and accessories. Instead of starting your own company, the easiest way to turn your passion for fashion into a money generating hobby, would be to become an affiliate with ANDREA. 

ANDREA is a company who has been dedicated to empowering women to begin their own fashion business. The company offers on trend shoes (like these ankle high boots I can't get enough of), stylish clothing and lingerie.  

When you join as an affiliate, aka ANDREA Star (ESTRELLA Andrea), you can purchase their products at a discounted price for yourself, or better yet make a profit by selling the items to others.  

Along with making a profit from your sales, ANDREA also offers a bonus for being consistent in your sales. 

In addition to having control over the amount of income you generate, being an ANDREA Star allows you to set your own timetable - literally. You are able to design a work schedule that suits your lifestyle versus having to work a set schedule. 

One of the most important - reasons to consider becoming an affiliate with ANDREA is because their goal for the past 40 yrs has been to offer women a legitimate business opportunity via their catalog sales system by offering them professional growth, advice when needed, and the chance to buy quality trendy products without having to instantly pay for it. 

It's quite apparent that ANDREA is all about empowering women - allowing them the chance to experience the satisfaction of owning their own business. 

If you love fashion and are looking to becoming your own boss, you should definitely check them out. 

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