Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Three Rainy Day Accessories to Lighten Up any Outfit

Three Rainy Day Accessories to Lighten Up any Outfit 

Three Rainy Day Accessories to Lighten Up any Outfit - The Daily Fashion and Beauty News

On days like today the last thing we’re thinking about is having to step outside.  Although the temps are warmer (55 degrees), the day is dreary, dark and just wet – the thunderstorms began late last night and are still in full effect this morning.  

When it’s this soggy outside, getting dressed for the day means wearing dark colored outfits for fear of getting them stained with dirt or damaged by water. Having to wear outfits like this can be slightly “mood-killing”.  But there is a simple way to lighten up the mood on rainy days like this by adding fun, colorful accessories.

Three Rainy Day Accessories to Lighten Up any Outfit 


Just because an umbrella is the most important rainy day accessory, that doesn't mean that it needs to look boring or dreary.

Get rid of that black umbrella and get one that looks like these instead:

When it's raining outside the easiest way to see a rainbow is by making it (or better yet, wearing it) with this colorful umbrella by Plemo.

A printed clear umbrella, like this "Birds on a Wire" umbrella from Totes, is sure to make you smile while walking under the rain.  


A well-made pair of rain boots (or wellies) are a must have for keeping your feet dry. True enough, wellies are not typically considered lady-like, but these women’s rain boots in particular are the exception. 


The whimsical multi-colored umbrella print is sure to make stepping in puddles a fun "Umbrella Party" . 

Not into wearing umbrellas on your feet?  Wear these these Navy Foxes instead. These will immediately make your feet look...well...foxy.  


Yes. You read that correctly.  A "translucent' handbag can come in quite handy during the rainy season. 

The polyurethane material will keep all your important items protected from water damage. This Mentha 2 in 1 Doctor Tote Bag includes a fabric zipper pouch bag that holds your belongings and doubles as a shoulder bag with strap. 

Preparing your outfit for a rainy day doesn't have to be a boring task - especially when you have colorful whimsical accessories like these to wear.  These accessories will definitely make a fun addition to your outfit and help brighten up your mood. 

Are you willing to try any of these rainy day accessories? 

photo credit: Behind the Window #19 via photopin (license)

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