Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Prettiest Spring Scents

The Prettiest Spring Scents - The Daily Fashion and Beauty News

Spring may have arrived weeks ago, but around these parts (Columbus, Ohio to be exact) it seems as if the season is just getting started. The temps have finally remained above 65-70 degrees, the sun has been beaming brightly almost every day and most flowers are practically in full bloom. 

Just as the seasons slowly change, so do our wardrobes and fragrances.

During the Spring, the first types of scents that I tend to gravitate to are all those with floral notes like rose, lilac, and jasmine. In my opinion, floral fragrances are the best way of capturing a tiny piece of spring in a bottle.

If you're like me, someone who really enjoys floral scents that not only smell good when sprayed from the bottle; but that smell beautifully on the skin, I know you'll want to give these perfumes a try. 

The Prettiest Spring Scents

1. Salvatore Ferragamo Emozione  - fresh + sexy are the best words to describe this combination of notes: peach, iris, peony, rose and musk. 

Bloomingdales has the single 1.7oz bottle, or a spring gift set including shower gel and body lotion

2. Gardénia de Robert Piguet  -  sultry + flowery. As the name states, this scent is all about the soft gardenia flower with a touch of Madagascar Vanilla (among a few other notes). 

Neiman Marcus currently has the single 3.4oz bottle

3. BOSS Ma Vie Pour Femme -  ultra feminine: notes of freesia combined with rose and cactus blossoms. 

The single 1.7oz bottle is available online at hugoboss.com 

4. Vera Wang Forever Vera - lovely notes of lilac and coconut water create an intoxicating fragrance. 

Order the 1.7oz bottle  on Amazon.

5. Flower Fragrance in Radiant - the concoction of peony notes transforms this into the ideal scent for anyone who wishes to be sparkly + flirty.   

There is a  1oz. single bottle ; 0.5oz single bottle  or a three piece gift set that includes shower gel and lotion. 

6. Coty Love2Love Fragrances - I recently shared an article about these new fragrances for this past Mother's Day, HERE.  

Which of the prettiest spring scents listed are you going to try?  Do you have a go-to perfume that you always use during the spring?

Let me know in the comments - I'm always looking for new fragrances to try!

photo credit: love chloe and chanel quartz via photopin (license)

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