Thursday, October 22, 2015

Flirty Dress Up Ideas + Date Night Kit For Couples - #KYTrySomethingNew

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It never fails. As soon as the Fall season arrives, it seems as if our daily routines become even more hectic than normal.  Both my husband and I are extremely busy during the week - just like you and so many other of our friends.  

As for myself, I own a women's fashion boutique that sells clothing / accessories as well as personal styling services. Although my styling services are offered during certain hours, the boutique is open 24/7.  

My husband who is a Store Manager at one of the larger automotive retailer locations in our city often finds himself in a similar situation. He is M.I.A most of the time due to long working hours.

It is on a rare occasion when we both have an evening where we can spend a few hours together. So when the opportunity presents itself - we both make an effort to take full advantage of it by having fun date nights.

Planning fun date nights does not have to be a complicated task.  For starters, think about what you want to dress up as.  Can't think of any flirty dress up ideas?  

Here a few suggestions that I have tried before with great end results:

MASQUERADE:  To pull this idea off, visit your local themed party store and purchase two small masks.  Once you have the masks, come back home to shop your closet selecting your favorite romantic outfits.

WILD WEST:  Break out your favorite flannel shirts and boots.  Add a cute cowgirl hat for even more fun!

SUPERNATURAL / FICTIONAL:  The dress up options here are pretty much endless. You can create couple outfits that match, like dressing up as ghosts or vampires; or if you really want to bring out the fun side of each other.
To dress as the woman from that popular insurance TV commercial, create an all white outfit (preferably top + pants), and white shoes. If you wish to go the extra mile, add a brown wig with a blue headband and a name-tag. Your partner can easily dress as the male counterpart just by pulling out his favorite suit, tie, and dress shoes.  

And ... there you have it!  A few flirty dress up ideas for your next couples date night or better yet, your next Halloween couples outfit!

Now that I've given you a few flirty dress up outfit suggestions, we're not done planning for date night yet.

There are two other essentials you need to make the date night complete:

(1) K-Y® Yours+Mine® Couples Lubricants®  and  (2) a date night kit

Having  K-Y® Yours+Mine® Couples Lubricants®  on hand always proves to be extremely beneficial. Plan a date night to increase the passion and closeness between you and your partner.

I'm sure you've seen the K-Y® Yours+Mine® Couples Lubricants® , but if you have not tried it, now is the perfect time to go out and purchase it.

Just a few days ago, I went to my local Walmart and used this $2 off one K-Y® product coupon when I bought the  K-Y® Yours+Mine® Couples Lubricants®.

While shopping at your nearest Walmart, you can easily find K-Y® Yours+Mine® Couples Lubricants®  in the Health & Beauty section.

Once you get your hands on a K-Y® Yours+Mine® Couples Lubricants® , you'll need to find a few extra items to create your date night kit.


Supplies for your kit:
  • Small glass jar with lid
  • Colored paper (plain white paper will work too!)
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Small scented candle
  • Bag of candy or chocolates
  • Small liquor bottle (wine or beer can also be used)
  • Colored straws (optional)
  • Thin colored ribbon
  • K-Y® Yours+Mine®
  • Paper craft tag
  • Small paper gift bag or small box

First step is to use the small glass jar, colored paper, scissors, and marker to make what I like to refer to as a "Passion Jar".

  • With your scissors cut your colored paper into strips.
  • Using the marker, take one paper strip at a time and write down clever and fun actions that both you and your partner wouldn’t mind doing to one another.
  • Fold each strip of paper in half placing them inside the glass jar.
  • When you think you have written enough ideas, close the jar.

Next, place the jar, candy, liquor, straws, and K-Y® Yours+Mine® Couples Lubricants® into your gift bag or box of choice.

If you like, give your couples date night kit a special name and write it on the paper craft tag using the marker.

Taking the ribbon, use a few pieces to tie the handles of the gift bag together.

Now that your kit is completely put together, place it in a special place where only you and your partner will be able to open it …and get yourself ready to have some fun on your next date night!


If you made it this far, THANK YOU!  I hope this article helps inspire you to plan your next special couples encounter. Once you have a few flirty dress up ideas and a date night kit including K-Y® Yours+Mine® Couples Lubricants®, you can easily have intimate moments on a regular basis!

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Now it's Your turn:  Which one of these dress up ideas sounds like the most fun to you?


  1. This date night kit is a great idea! #client

    1. Hi Heather! I'm glad you liked the tutorial for the date night kit - these are so much fun!

  2. With how busy our lives get, it's so hard to remember to put marriage first sometimes, but we need to remember to find ways to be romantic. Great ideas! #client

    1. Hi Huppie Mama! I agree. Trying new ways to reconnect helps keep the romance alive between significant others...Thank you for commenting + visiting the blog!