Monday, October 19, 2015

Tips and Tricks for Everyday Eye Makeup + #FalsiesPushUpDrama

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Tips and Tricks for Everyday Eye Makeup + #FalsiesPushUpDrama - The Daily Fashion and Beauty News

The eyes are the windows to the soul, as they say, and they are the most beautiful features in a woman's face.  Whenever you put on your eye makeup - especially mascara, your aim should always be to make your eyes look brighter.  

To achieve brighter eyes, you really only need one essential eye makeup product: Mascara. A volumizing mascara, like the Maybelline #FalsiesPushUpDrama , will lift your eyelashes - giving your eyes instant brightness. 

However, adding concealer, eye-shadow, kajal eyeliner, and an eyebrow kit will also help in creating an everyday eye makeup look to brighten the eyes. 

But, before showing you how to achieve the everyday eye look using the mentioned makeup products, let's do a little shopping. 

Personally, I prefer to use drug store makeup products for my everyday makeup. Why? They are easily accessible as well as budget friendly. 

On my most recent beauty run, I drove to Walmart to purchase a few of my favorite Maybelline products. 

While walking down the Maybelline aisle in the Cosmetics Dept, I noticed that there was a display for the new #FalsiesPushUpDrama mascara. Once I looked over the display and saw the waterproof version - I knew I wanted to buy it. 

Feeling completely accomplished, I walked over to the nearest cashier, paid for my beauty haul and drove home so I could do my everyday eye makeup. 

Here is my mini beauty haul: Maybelline Fit Me Concealer - 15 Fair, Color Tattoo - Creamy Beige, Mater Kajal - Midnight Brown, Brow Drama Pro Pallette - Blonde for eyebrows and the new Maybelline #FalsiesPushUpDrama Mascara in Blackest Black. 

Of all the drugstore beauty products, Maybelline knows a thing or two about mascara's. The new #FalsiePushUpDrama has a cup-shaped bristle that scoops, coats and lifts lashes. The plumping formula is creamy enough that it glides smoothly onto the lashes for a dramatic, volumizing  effect. Exactly what we need for brighter eyes!

Now that we have our five Maybelline products, let's move on to this easy step-by-step everyday eye makeup look. 

1. Using the spoolie inside the Browdrama Pro Palette, comb through your eyebrows. 

2. Taking one side of the double ended angle brush (also included with brow palette), dip into the wax. Apply the wax evenly over the entire eyebrow. 

TIP: Do your best to apply the smallest amount of wax. If you apply too much, the wax will clump and not allow you to get a smooth surface for the next step. 

3. Using the second side of the angle brush, pick up some of the powder. Position the angle brush directly under the eyebrow - in one smooth motion, line underneath the eyebrow. Do the exact same to the top of eyebrow.  Dipping the brush back into powder, begin to fill the sparse areas of your brow. Use the spoolie to blend the powder throughout the brow hairs. 

TIP: For the most natural brows, concentrate most of the powder from the middle to the tail. This will give you more definition. Try to have a lighter application to the front of brows. 

4. To define and highlight the brows, apply a light layer of concealer to the brow-bone. Dab concealer with fingers to blend it into the skin. 

TIP: Once you have highlighted your brow-bone, take a little more of concealer and use it over the entire lid as your eye-shadow primer. This also helps cancel out any skin discolorations, veins or circles under the eyes. 

5. Get a small synthetic blending brush. Pick up some of the highlight powder in the brow palette. Swipe this over the entire lid. 

6. After wiping off the blending brush, dip the brush into the cream eye-shadow. Place the eye-shadow on the lid, blending into the crease. This is will give you a soft wash of color over the eyes. 

TIP: For everyday eye looks, use Maybelline Color Tattoo in Creamy Beige, Matte Brown, Nude Pink and Pure Nude. 

7. Taking a small flat blending brush, pick up some of the cream eye-shadow then apply it to the lower lash line. Blend. 

8. Curl lashes. 
9. Open up your tube of Maybelline #FalsiesPushUpDrama, take the wand and place it at the bottom of the lash line. Glide the brush upward - gently moving it from side to side in a wiggling motion. 

TIP: When taking the mascara wand out of the tube, do not pump it in and out of the tube. This will ruin your mascara. Instead, twirl the wand inside the tube before pulling it completely out. 

9. (cont.) After applying mascara to the outer lashes, tilt the wand about 45 degrees and coat the inner lashes. 

After I applied the first layer of #FalsiesPumpUpDrama, you'll notice the lashes have gained volume and length.  This is a great result - especially after just one coat. 

But, there is a way to get even more volume out of this mascara. 

10. TRICK:  Using the spoolie from before, dip it into a little bit of translucent powder. Apply the powder onto lashes in the same exact way as we did our first layer of mascara. 
Follow up with a second coat of mascara.  - Do you see the added volumizing effect? What about the length? 

As you can see, with two coats of #FalsiesPumpUpDrama mascara + translucent powder you AH-mazing looking lashes. No need to mess with false lashes - especially for an everyday look. 

There is only one last trick left. Do you notice that sometimes there are these tiny little gaps in between your upper lashes? Let's fix that. 

11. With the tip of the masterkajal eye pencil, tight-line your upper lash-line. 

TIP: It may take a few times before you and your eyes get used to the feeling of the eye pencil on your upper waterline. I find that if I open up my eyes wide enough looking straight forward, I can run the eye pencil along my lash line with no problems. 

You've seen the steps, now take a look at this before + after photo: 

You can definitely see what a difference a little bit of eye makeup can do - especially a volumizing mascara. 

With that being said, even if you choose not to complete every single step, tip or trick from this tutorial, please go ahead and try out the Maybelline #FalsiesPushUpDrama mascara. Applying this mascara only takes a few minutes, but the dramatic results will last all day long. 

Do you have any tips or tricks for applying mascara? What's your favorite everyday eye makeup look? 


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