Wednesday, February 1, 2012

JCP: Fair and Square

As if we didn't love spending some of our hard earned money at JCPenny, they have revamped their marketing. Now we don't have to worry about missing a sale, expiring coupons, or being hassled when we have to return an item.

I am, of course, super excited about this change. I was never much of a fan of JCPenny as a young adult, however, now as a wife, mother, and a wiser shopper, JCPenny has become on of my favorites. I can always shop there for my daughter, my husband, or anything for the home,always sure that I will find great savings.

How about you? Are you excited about the NEW changes to JCPenny? Do you plan to go shopping today, or are you waiting for the masses to "die down" before going?

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