Thursday, April 5, 2012

How to get the Violet Femme Fatal Look

Wearing bold colors on eyelids is not the only trend noticed on the runway this year. Another eye beauty makeup trend is using hues of pink, purples and lilacs blended together for a smoldering seductive stare.

violet femme -face chart

To achieve this look, there are a few products that are needed.

I-mark Violet Femme shades


(1) apply a thin layer of eye primer to eyelids and under lower eyelashes

(2) using the i-mark shade violet ink (darkest shade) over the lids going up to the crease and along the lower lash lines

(3) apply i-mark shade pink dust on lids from crease going up to brow bone - make sure to blend this shade in as well as you can

(4) apply third i-mark shade mystical (lighter purple) in the inner corners of eyes

(5) apply eyeliner to the lower lash line

(6) apply mascara to both upper and lower lashes

Next, to achieve the over-all face Highlights, you will need this product.

all the Highlights Soft Glow Illuminator


(1) Lightly dust all the highlights over entire face - concentrating on cheek bones & chin. This will give you the "glow" effect.

About these products:

The I-mark Violet Femme Shades are long-lasting color shades which can be bought individually. Doing that you can easily combine shades to create different eye-looks.

The All the Highlights Soft Glow Illuminator is the perfect powder to use in getting the complete "glow" effect on entire face without going overboard! The colors in the illuminator palette can be worn by all skin-tones.

Where To Buy:  mymarkstore
Product Names: I-mark Violet Femme Shades & All the Highlights Soft Glow Illuminator

Now It's Your Turn: Where would you wear this look to? Everyday, for the Office, or just for a Date-Night?

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