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Top Hair Trend Predictions for the Red Carpet 2015 by CHI Hair Care

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Top Hair Trend Predictions for the Red Carpet 2015 by Chi Hair Care

As we anxiously wait for the upcoming 2015 Golden Globe Awards this Sunday (Jan.11), waiting to see what the red carpet looks will bring us - from fashion to hair, our curiosity is peaked! Each year, these trends dictate what we will see for the remaining red carpet season. 

With Farouk Systems being one of the leaders in hair care and with a talented team of hair artists creating trends year round, two top educators share their predictions.

#1 - Romantic Soft Waves

hair trend for the red carpetTammy Mixon, Farouk Systems Global Board Artist and lead Hair Artist for Miss Universe, predicts the upcoming award season will showcase soft tousled hair. According to Tammy, “We will see romantic, soft waves with side parts for long and short hair. Also, loosely swept backs coiffures. These looks will help to embellish lace adorned gowns, romantic prints and soft fabrics.”
To help achieve these looks, her favorite products to prep a set with are BioSilk Silk Therapy - applied lightly to the mid-shaft and ends. She also uses BioSilk Natural Hold Hairspray, sprayed from the roots to the ends, on each section as its being set. During the comb outs, Tammy recommends to lightly tap BioSilk Volumizing Therapy Texturizing Powder into the roots and mid-shaft to add volume and texture. What about hair color? Tammy sees beautiful blondes, copper reds and pretty pinks making a big statement for hair color.

#2 - Braids

hair trend prediction for red carpet

Lorena Garcia, Farouk Systems Creative Artist forecasts braids will be incorporated into many red carpet styles. These will include all types of braided looks -- tight, loose or messy, enlivened by adding an accessory. Along with braids Lorena states, “waves will also dominate the award ceremonies-but will be sleek waves -- nothing messy, as well as straight sleek looks, combed straight back or with a down the center part.”

To achieve these looks, Lorena recommends prepping the hair with CHI Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray as it helps protect the hair against thermal styling heat. To style, she uses CHI Magnified Firm Hold Hairspray and finishes the look with CHI Shine Spray for a polished look that will catch the spotlight. 

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Which hair trend prediction are You looking forward to seeing this Red Carpet season?


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